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The variation that brought down Kasparov

British IM John Cox has posed himself the daunting task of writing a book on the infamous Berlin Wall.

And he succeeded: this is the Berlin Wall Bible for some time to come, if only for the organization of the contents: 58 pages on typical Berlin endings, followed by 60 pages on positional themes, and only then the theory of the Berlin Wall is considered, in 184 pages. This is the way to tackle a purely strategic variation like the Berlin Wall!

Queens come off quickly in the main variation of the Berlin Wall, but is it a boring variation? Not really, considering that the position remains dynamic and that even an aggressive player like Topalov uses it from time to time. The Berlin Wall can do more than a making a draw with Kasparov.

Play the Berlin Wall and get well acquainted with its nuances with this splendid manual by John Cox.


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