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Why do computers outwit us in chess tactics?

We can no longer deny it, computers outdo us humans when it comes to tactical vision and brute force calculation.

But American FM Charles Hertan says: if you can't beat them, join them!

Charlie Hertan made an astonishing discovery during several decades as a chess coach. He found that you can overcome your human bias against finding many winning moves by using COMPUTER EYES.

Meaning: always look at the most forcing sequence first!

Hertan has written a revolutionary book about it, which we have just published:
Forcing Chess Moves, the Key to Better Calculation.

If you study the book's sparkling fresh training material according to
Hertan's method you will:

  • develop analytical precision
  • improve your tactical vision
  • and overcome human bias and staleness.

Please have a look here to see if you like the concept of this book.


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