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1st India Global Internet ICC Tournament

1st India Global Internet ICC TournamentGrassroots Chess Promotions Pvt. Ltd. (in association with the All India Chess Federation) and ICC have joined forces to bring to the worldwide chess community the first India Global Internet Speed Chess Tournament, running 20-21 & 27-28 August, that will have a guaranteed prize fund of US $9000 (plus many additional bonus prizes on offer).

By John Henderson, ICC

This new on-line tournament will also have different rating bands with lots of big cash prizes on offer (see table below) that will allow you to play within your own playing strength. Not only that, but because of how we've structured the tournament (if you are untitled or rated below FIDE 2200) you can get the chance to play not in one but two tournaments! Not only that, but registration to the tournament is sufficient with ICC membership not being mandatory to play - but you MUST first have a user name to go to the sign-up page.

NOTE: If you do not already have a user name, you MUST create one before signing up for the tournament by clicking here.

Entry fees
Grandmasters and Women Grandmasters - FREE
International Masters and Women International Masters - $6.99/Rs.225.
All Others $12.99/Rs.550.

All fees collected for entry will be processed directly from the ICC system in Pittsburgh, USA.

Once you have your user name, you can then enter by clicking on the tournament sign-up page. Once you enter the tournament, you will also have free time on ICC to play and enjoy viewing all their videos until September 1, 2011 - so hurry up and sign-up today to avoid any later disappointments, plus take advantage of this great offer to play on ICC till 1 September!

Category First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth
U1600 $1000 $556 $222 $111 $67 $44 $33 $28 $22 $17
U2000 $1000 $556 $222 $111 $67 $44 $33 $28 $22 $17
U2200 $1000 $556 $222 $111 $67 $44 $33 $28 $22 $17
Open $1300 $667 $222 $111 $67 $44 $33 $28 $22 $17

U1600 20th August 2011, 10:30 AM EDT (NY time)
U2000 21st August 2011, 10:30 AM EDT (NY time)
U2200 27th August 2011, 10:30 AM EDT (NY time)
Open 28th August 2011, 10:30 AM EDT (NY time)

Note: Tournaments last around 3-4 hours

There are rules & conditions for entering the tournament. Please review and be aware of all of them before entering the 1st India Global Internet Speed Chess Tournament by clicking here.


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Szoker's picture

Entry fee is pretty big for casual players...

chess community is so hermetic ;(

Harish Srinivasan's picture

Yes that is precisely they have chosen ICC and not another internet server since ICC is the best in employing mthods to catch cheaters.

Hortensius's picture

I wonder under how many nicknames Rybka will participate...

Chess Fan's picture

Its not so easy...The games are on ICC. They will find out if any one is using computer assistance..

Zeblakob's picture

How to ensure that players do not go to the toilet during the games???

John Henderson's picture

I wouldn't recommend going to the toilet with a 3,0 time control - better to keep an empty bottle beside you!

Chess fan's picture

Hey you can play from the toilet with ur notebook!

Martin's picture

Nice idea. But one flaw: why use FIDE ratings?
My FIDE is 2100, but I am quite a bad blitz player. My Playchess Blitz rating averages around 1900.

Supersheep's picture

But there are some chess players that have 1900 FIDE and 2300 internet blitz.

Martin's picture

Exactly. That's why using FIDE does not make any sense.
I understand there is no really reliable blitz rating system, but okay.

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