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Bundesliga: Werder Bremen vs Baden-Baden on Saturday | UPDATE: Anand plays!

Bundesliga: Werder Bremen vs Baden-Baden on Saturday

On Saturday is the Bundesliga's big clash between Werder Bremen and Baden-Baden. In the upcoming weekend the 12th and 13th round will take place. We give the pairings at the venues Bremen, Dresden, Eppingen and Hamburg.

The eyes of all chess fans of the Schachbundesliga will focus the next weekend on the match between Werder Bremen and OSG Baden-Baden. These two teams fight for the championship in the season 2011/12. Baden-Baden is at the top of the table with one point ahead of Bremen, so the team of Northern Germany needs to win in order to preserve chances to gain the second title after 2005. Like in the last years, an exciting match can be expected with both teams having only high-class grandmasters in their line-ups.

The match will take place in the business lounge of the Weser-stadium, where normally the famous football club meets his opponents.

Playing venue: Business lounge of Weser-Stadium, Franz-Böhmert-Str. 1c, 28205 Bremen

12th round: Saturday, 17th of March 2012, 2p

Werder Bremen - OSG Baden-Baden
Turm Emsdetten - SG Trier

Update: the lineups for Werder Bremen vs Baden-Baden are:

  1. Eljanov,P - Anand,V
  2. Efimenko,Z - Svidler,P
  3. Fressinet,L - Adams,M
  4. McShane,L - Shirov,A
  5. Areshchenko,A - Bacrot,E
  6. Roiz,M - Naiditsch,A
  7. Nyback,T - Nielsen, P
  8. Hammer,J - Kasimdzhanov, R

13th round: Sunday, 18th of March 2012, 10 am

OSG Baden-Baden - Turm Emsdetten
SG Trier - Werder Bremen

In Dresden, crucial matches in the fight against relegation will take place. Remagen, at the bottom of the league, meets Dresden and König Tegel in a must-win situation. SG Solingen is the fourth team at this venue and odds-on favourite in both encounters.

Playing venue: Riemerschmid-haal at the area of Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Moritzburger Weg 67, 01109 Dresden

12th round: Saturday, 17th of March 2012, 2pm

USV Dresden - SG Solingen
SK König Tegel - SC Remagen

13th round: Sunday, 18th of March 2012, 10 am

SG Solingen - SK König
Tegel SC Remagen - USV Dresden

In Eppingen, the host will meet Wattenscheid and Dortmund. The team of Southwest Germany aims to win both matches in order to defend the third place in the table. Dortmund is the team at this venue fighting against relegation. Their hopes to secure one or more points lies in the match against Hockenheim.

Playing venue: Hardwald sportshall, Berliner Ring, 75031 Eppingen

12th round: Saturday, 17th of March 2012, 2pm

SC Eppingen - SV Wattenscheid
SV Hockenheim - Hansa Dortmund

13th round: Sunday, 18th of March 2012, 10 am

SV Wattenscheid - SV Hockenheim
Hansa Dortmund - SC Eppingen

In Hamburg, all chess fans can expect thrilling matches because the host, Berlin and Katernberg belong to the teams in this league, which are fighting like crazy for every board point. Hamburg is under pressure due to the fact that they still didn´t secure a place in the Schachbundesliga for the next season.

Playing venue: Signal-Iduna, Kapstadtring 8, 22297 Hamburg

12th round: Saturday, 17th of March 2012, 2pm

Hamburger SK - SV Mülheim Nord
SF Berlin - SF Katernberg

13th round: Sunday, 18th of March 2012, 10 am

SV Mülheim Nord - SF Berlin
SF Katernberg - Hamburger SK

Live coverage: All games of the Schachbundesliga are covered live via the Liveportal. It's possible to follow any game just by one click and all games are analyzed by one of the strongest engines in the world - Houdini 2.0.

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Septimus's picture

Will a win put Anand in the 2800 club?

Thomas's picture

A win against Eljanov (BTW a pretty sharp game) would give Anand 3.2 points, so the answer is "yes" - and he would also overtake Kramnik again.
Interesting "games" with the team lineups: Bremen might have expected Carlsen rather than Anand, in turn they may have surprised the team with Eljanov (who hadn't yet played this season) rather than Gashimov on board 1.
What we don't know yet: As he's already at the venue, will Anand also play tomorrow? His opponent would be Anish Giri.

redivivo's picture

Just after the time control the only question is if Eljanov will find a win or draw.

devanand's picture

draw - but a sharper game that played by Anand in the last few tournaments.. does anyone know if he plays tomorrow?

Thomas's picture

When you posted this comment only a few people knew (Anand himself, his team captain, ...) - but the secret has just been revealed: Anand does play against Giri, starting at this very moment.

k's picture

did baden-baden win ?

fen's picture

Yes. Adams got the win against Fressinet, the rest of the games were drawn.

Septimus's picture

Do you think the more Anand plays the greater the danger that he will drop out of the top 10? What are the chances of having a 2500 world champion?

Xeno's picture

At least he hasn't played top ten chess for a while, bottom half in his three latest tournaments and not a single win against a player in the top 25 for fourteen months

Thomas's picture

Let's not exaggerate: Anand recently had three bad, or rather mediocre/lacklustre events. Before that, he didn't play for a while (fatherhood break) other than pretty successful rapid events - winning Botvinnik Memorial and crushing Shirov in a match, Amber 2011 wasn't all bad either. So "not a single win ... for fourteen months" includes eleven months when he didn't play any classical games.
Before that, he had four consecutive second places in Bilbao, Nanjing, London and Wijk aan Zee - guess this was at least top10 chess. He would drop out of the top10 with about 25 more draws against the likes of Eljanov and Giri - and it's impossible to drop to 2500 as long as he draws against players rated at least 2600 (London) and usually above 2700!

redivivo's picture

Maybe it shouldn't be exaggerated, but a World Champion finishing in the bottom half three tournaments in a row is unprecedented, and they were all played with many months left to the title match. Kramnik was severely criticized for his tournament result as World Champion and still even won the events he played before his title matches in 2004 and 2006. Euwe is seen as a weak World Champion but his worst result as title holder was third place, 0.5 from first, in a very strong Nottingham 1936 with 10 of the 12 top players in the world. So Anand's results are at least a bit noteworthy from a historical perspective.

Zeblakob's picture

Anand is following Botvonnik advices: play 4 games / year and spend the remaining time in analysing your games.

Septimus's picture

Anand drew his game with Giri in 22 moves. Not the way for a WC to play the game. What happened to the old attacking Anand?

Zeblakob's picture

Hi Sept, I followed that game live and it lacks inspiration. Maybe he lost interest in chess??

Thomas's picture

The old attacking inspired Anand was there on Saturday against Eljanov. With respect to his game against Giri, let's not forget that it was played in a team event. Anand's team had a bigger Elo advantage, up to 200 points, on the lower boards where they indeed decided the match in their favor. Why should Anand take risks with black? Neither pleasing his fans nor silencing his critics had first priority!?
One could even rather criticize Giri that he didn't try something sharper and offered an early draw - IF his team had a chance to win a game, it was on board 1. Maybe actually something else was going on, and Giri is on Anand's team for the match against Gelfand? Then they wouldn't hurt each other or reveal any secrets, but fate (Bundesliga schedule) meant that they had to play each other.

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