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Combining chess and culture in Greece

Combining chess and culture in the sunAn interesting new event has appeared on the chess calendar that, we believe, deserves a mention here. We're talking about the 1st International Chess Cultural Festival which will take place on the island of Corfu from June 18–27. It is intended for both professional and amateur chess players from all over the world who like to combine chess with other cultural activities.

Here's the announcement from the organizers, because, well, it got us pretty excited:

Fellow chess enthusiasts,

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the 1st International Chess Cultural Festival which will take place this year on the beautiful island of Corfu from June 18 – 27 and is intended for both professional and amateur chess players from all over the world.

This is a unique international event which combines an exciting program of chess matches with substantial prizes, entertainment, cultural events and a high quality vacation experience on the cosmopolitan island of Corfu.

The Festival includes 4 different basic types of tournament: rapid chess, pairs, Chinese chess and bridge. Simultaneous and blind exhibition games will also be held, as well as matches between specially invited internationally-ranked players. Lectures followed by discussion, seminars, summer open-air movie nights, a full day tour of the island, concerts, theme nights at the pool and beach bar, special themed dinners, including Chinese, Ancient Greek and Chess, will all make up an exciting and innovative event. The closing ceremony will involve a special chess dress code, and many more wonderful surprises await you!

Combining chess and culture in the sun

Special care has been given to parallel events for accompanying persons, including local cuisine and pastry making workshops, dance lessons, bridge lessons and many other activities which promise to make this vacation a rich and unforgettable experience for everyone!

Our younger friends will also remember these holidays for ever! Lively games in the play area, swimming in the pools, chess lessons, and competitions will make their stay an exciting one.

And all of this in an exceptional 5 star hotel on one of the most beautiful Greek islands, with the participation of more than 15 specialist speakers and invited guests as well as big money prizes guaranteed by the organizers!

We invite you to experience one of the best chess events of your life, a wonderful combination of entertainment, the culture of chess and a great vacation!

So this summer, make the right move!

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Corfu

Organized by: Artifex
Information – registration:
Tel. +30210 6896770,
+30210 6896775, and

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Rhodes is a wonderful island. You will enjoy it immensely. There is a mint alcoholic drink there you should try (I think its called Thiasmosos).

Sergio's picture

Greece does host a lot of chessevents.

I have been to:
- Youth worldcup visual disabled (2004, Eretria mainland)
- Olymiad visual disabled (2008 Crete)

And I will go to:
- European championship visual disabled (2011 Rhodes)

At the Olympiad we had a day off and visit the palace of Knossos. I also have had some holidays in Greece and there is lots of culture and beautifull islands. Great idea of the organisers to combine chess with culture.

Is food part of culture? Cause the food in Greece is really nice. Sounds like a great tournament to go to, unfortunatly i can't.

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