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European Team Championship starts tomorrow

European Team Championship starts tomorrow

Tomorrow the 18th European Team Championship starts in Halkidiki, Greece. Again it's an incredibly strong team event: the twenty highest rated individual participants are Aronian, Radjabov, Ivanchuk, Topalov, Karjakin, Morozevich, Gashimov, Svidler, Grischuk, Adams, Mamedyarov, Nepomniachtchi, Caruana, Navara, Ponomariov, Leko, Moiseenko, Bacrot, Giri and Naiditsch.


Each national federation affiliated to the European Chess Union (ECU) has the right to enter one team of four players and one reserve in the open competition and one team of four female players and one reserve in the women’s competition.

The European Team Championship will be a 9-round Swiss, with one open section and one section for the women’s teams, considered as separate competitions. The time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30 seconds increment starting from the first move.


You can find all details about the players and teams at the Chess Results website. Here are the top 10 in the open section and the top 5 in the women's section:

Open section

1. Russia (Svidler, Karjakin, Grischuk, Morozevich, Nepomniachtchi)
2. Ukraine (Ivanchuk, Ponomariov, Eljanov, Efimenko, Moiseenko)
3. Azerbaijan (Radjabov, Gashimov, Mamedyarov, Guseinov, Safarli)
4. Armenia (Aronian, Movsesian, Akopian, Sargissian, Hovhannisyan)
5. Hungary (Leko, Almasi, Berkes, Balogh, Gyimesi)
6. France (Vachier-Lagrave, Bacrot, Fressinet, Istratescu, Bauer)
7. Bulgaria (Topalov, Cheparinov, Delchev, Georgiev, Radulski)
8. England (Adams, Short, Howell, Jones, Pert)
9. Netherlands (Giri, Van Wely, Sokolov, Smeets, Stellwagen)
10. Germany (Naiditsch, Fridman, Meier, Gustafsson, Buhmann)

Women's section

1. Russia (N.Kosintseva, T.Kosintseva, Gunina, Pogonina, Kosteniuk)
2. Ukraine (Lahno, Gaponenko, M.Muzychuk, Zhukova, Ushenina)
3. Georgia (Dzagnidze, Jakashvili, Khurtsidze, Paikidze, Melia)
4. Armenia (Danielian, Mkrtchian, Galojan, Kursova, Aginian)
5. Poland (Socko, Toma, Zawadzka, Majdan-Gajewski, Szczepkowska-Horowska)


The games of the European Team Chess Championships 2011 will take place in the Olympic Hall Congress Center (1500 sq. m.), within the 5-star Porto Carras Grand Resort. This resort is located in Halkidiki, Greece.


2 November: Arrival of Delegations
2 November: Captain’s Meeting – 22:00
3 November: Opening Ceremony – 14:30
3 November: Round 1 – 15:00
4 November: Round 2 – 15:00
5 November: Round 3 – 15:00
6 November: Round 4 – 15:00
7 November: Round 5 – 15:00
8 November: Round 6 – 15:00
9 November: Round 7 – 15:00
10 November: Round 8 – 15:00
11 November: Round 9 – 13:00
11 November: Closing Ceremony – 21:00
12 November: Departure of delegations

Past winners (open)

1957: USSR
1961: USSR
1965: USSR
1970: USSR
1973: USSR
1977: USSR
1980: USSR
1983: USSR
1989: USSR
1992: Russia
1997: England
1999: Armenia
2001: Netherlands
2003: Russia
2005: Netherlands
2007: Russia
2009: Azerbaijan

Past winners (women)

1992: Ukraine
1997: Georgia
1999: Slovakia
2001: France
2003: Armenia
2005: Poland
2007: Russia
2009: Russia

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Sander's picture

Again Europe is showing its love for Greece, or is it the other way around?

Anyway go Holland!

Szoker's picture

Good luck Polish teams !

go go go !

de lillo's picture

Movsesian Armenian?

Peter Doggers's picture

He recently switched back federations and already played for Armenia at the World Team Championship in July.

columbo's picture

the russian team is pretty impressive ! hope Moro can continue his race to the top. I'd love to see him in the candidates match.

columbo's picture

good luck to kid Giri ! Hope to see him as well in the candidates match as soon as possible

Marijo's picture

Kramnik doesn't play at the open?

Levon's picture

Why is everyone -ian and Hovhannisyan is -yan?

Peter Doggers's picture

Indeed a bit strange, but normally we follow FIDE's (and Chess-Results') spelling of names.

Navak's picture

Armenian language does not use a Latin based alphabet. So each player transliterates his name the way he thinks it is right.
-ian and -yan essentially sound the same; so two Armenians may transliterate the same name differentlyl

adam's picture

sadly, no kramnik or polgar, otherwise it looks great!
hope giri will do well on board 1. and moro on board 4 will be fun for sure :D

adam's picture

of course, no carlsen or gelfand either. well, one cannot have everything...
btw, since when does isratescu play for france and shirov below pons?

mishanp's picture

It's probably going to be Shirov's last appearance for the Spanish team: So maybe they're looking to the future, and in any case Vallejo is 0.7 points ahead on the live rating list :)

Thomas's picture

But maybe the Spanish board order was decided before the German Bundesliga weekend two weeks ago that put Vallejo ahead of Shirov? :)
To answer/comment on the rest of Adam's post: Istratescu recently changed federations:
He already played the French championship in August, finishing in second place - behind Vachier-Lagrave, shared with Bacrot, Fressinet (and Feller who isn't part of the French team).
BTW, besides the ones already mentioned, the only missing European 2700ers are those who didn't make it on the Russian team: Tomashevsky, Jakovenko, Vitiugov, Riazantsev and Malakhov. Riazantsev is actually there as the Russian team coach - as the western world knows thanks to the efforts of mishanp's alter ego Colin McGourty at Whychess.

adam's picture

thx for the answers. yeah, i looked through the 2700+ list too, the russians would clearly have material for a (strong) team no. 2, as always... speaking of romania, nisipeanu is also missing. and nielsen. korchnoi below pelletier, is he planning on retiring? :D
anyways, great event ahead. go my home country, go! :)

Thomas's picture

Nisipeanu is currently playing the Bad Wiessee Open in Germany, so in any case he isn't sick. Maybe he has financial disagreements with the federation (before the last Olympiad, the entire team refused to play at short notice). Or the Romanian lineup is strictly by rating, and he doesn't want to play board 3 - Lupulescu and Parligra are presently ahead of him.

blah's picture

chess in greece, before it burns to the ground.

Luzin's picture

not gonna happen, don't worry :)

welwitchia's picture

Where is the Icelandic Team. I put all my money on those guys victory. Go GM Danielsen

Baden's picture

My god have a look at Russia lol = Morozevich, Nepomniachtchi - board 4 and 5.

rhichNibe's picture
mr cat's picture

Thank god that there is some top chess being broadcast again. I had to check into a clinic during that drought!

steven's picture

In the last two team events (Olympiad and WC) Svidler was really bad on board 4, and now they put him on board 1 ?!
It should be Karjakin on board 1 , Moro on 2 and Svidler on board 3 or 4.
It will be very tough for him against Ivanchuk,Aronian,Radjabov,Topalov.

adam's picture

s against i: +8-10=28, a: +7-4=19, r: +4-3=15, t: +9-11=13 (chessgames). to me it doesn't look bad at all, especially in view of the last few months...

steven's picture

Svidler nearly lost with white against Bologan today.
If they draw with Moldova today the title is already lost

redivivo's picture

Lol, the title lost after a draw in the first round, that would be to take exaggerations to a new level, but Russia won in the end.

redivivo's picture

If the transmission was correct Moro won in a drawn position after his opponent made the worst blunder of his career by just giving away a rook in a not very complicated endgame. Unlucky for little Moldova, they did have the Russians on the ropes there but then Bologan blundered away the win and Svetushkin blundered away the draw and they even lost the match.

Knallo's picture

This would even qualify as the worst blunder of *my* "career".

steven's picture

I was shocked when i saw this blunder and i even find it suspicious.
How much time did this svetushkin still have when he made this blunder ?

redivivo's picture

They had a 30 second increment, so Svetushkin's last move is totally unbelievable, he's a 2600+ GM after all.

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