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The Full English Breakfast #6 - the Super GM cycle

The Full English BreakfastThe F.E.B. #6 is out! The London Chess Classic, Magnus and company, 2800s galore, Gashimov wins Reggio Emilia, previewing Tata, plus, trouble with the law redux, and the F.E.B. gives away its first prize.

The Full English Breakfast started life as a late night brainstorm at the 2009 GibTel (now Tradewise) Chess Festival in Gibraltar. Trent and Macauley struck up a conversation about things missing in the chess media, and hit upon the idea of doing a podcast combining the serious with the slightly sophomoric. Trent quickly brought in his pal Stevie G. dramatically raising both the intellectual and the dialectical heft of the new ensemble. And the rest, as they say, is hysterical. Our Mission: Bring the serious chess news analysis. VERY serious, and not at all witty. DEFINITELY not tongue in cheek.

The Full English Breakfast #6 - the Super GM cycle

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


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I have tried, and also suffered through these guys during large parts of the London Classic. Sorry, but I just find it lame. The format has possibilities, however, if the casting is right. Svidler, Christiansen, Short, Greengard, maybe Seirawan ... Who else are the great wits in chess?

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While a show with Seirawan and Short would be pretty awesome, I love FEB and don't understand how a chess fan could dismiss it as something to "suffer through." I guess everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but there is so little available for us in the way of news and media that it kinda makes me sad to see such an awesome show get panned on here because it's "lame." The only logical explanation I can think of is that you must have some sort of personal beef with one of the cast members, but outside of that how could a chess fan not find this show to be not only much more entertaining than much of drek over on ICC, but also free?

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Huh????? what the heck are you talking about dude??

Eduardo's picture

what ? ? ?

I didnt understand nothing !

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I think i's a nice show. Are you guys speak English?

known1's picture

according to this:

(unless they removed it now lol), they have results of the first round before it even begun.. (see at bottom) .... what the hell

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Thomas's picture

(Never mind that we're in the wrong thread ... :) Someone at Chessbase seemed to be joking - but the results are 'plausible' and would mean an interesting start of the event ... .

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I enjoyed the entire Podcast. I had a 45 min drive ahead of me this afternoon so I was a captive audience. This was my first listen to FEB.

The audio quality was pretty good (at 32khz). Please go higher next time, unless there are bandwidth/cost/technical issues. I liked the GM interviews (Carlsen; Anand) interspersed throughout the segments. I think the hosts sounded quite relaxed and there was good, steady pacing . I have heard other Podcasts with many pauses by nervous people trying to fill air time, but not this one. I will listen again. Thanks.

For anyone who only listened for a few minutes, and bailed out for whatever reason, I recommend listening to the entire 34 mins..


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I like these two guys. Go on !

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The podcast is made very well - almost like a professional radio broadcasting and was surprised to hear Vish's introduction of the commentators as well - makes it more interesting to listen in - of course, helps only those who know English, though. Podcast audio quality is very good. Your video webcasts of the tournaments and one the spot interviews are excellent as well. Keep up the fantastic job to make this site more appealing to the chess community. I get these links from RSS feeds from Facebook.

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