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Win a signed copy of Judit Polgar's first book!

Win a signed copy of Judit Polgar's first book!

Recently the world's strongest ever female chess player, Judit Polgar, published her first book: How I Beat Fischer's Record – Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 1. To celebrate this, we have one signed copy to give away to a lucky fan!

On what was her only rest day at the Istanbul Olympiad (during round 7), Judit Polgar did a book signing at the book stand in the Expo Center. Chess fans could get a personalized copy of Polgar's first ever chess book: How I Beat Fischer's Record – Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 1. Here's what the publisher's info page says about this book:

"Notions of chess have been shattered by a teen-age Hungarian girl - some call her modest and soft-spoken, but many opponents know her as a ferocious tiger over the board - who after years of steady progress began breathing down the necks of the top men and now has broken the barrier of one of the world's most exclusive clubs: she has earned the rank of grandmaster at 15 years, 5 months, one month younger than Bobby Fischer when he did it 34 years ago." – New York Times, 1992

Great achievements often take a lifetime of preparation, but when these achievements are becoming the World Number 1 at the age of 12 and the youngest ever grandmaster at the age of 15 you have to start early! In this very personal book Judit Polgar describes her early moments of success and the chess ideas she needed to master to achieve them.

This exceptional book is the beginning of a unique project where one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess.

Judit Polgar has been ranked 1st on the Women's rating list from 1988 to this day. In 2005 she became the only woman in chess history to participate in the World Championship final.

After the book signing we asked Judit Polgar to explain how the book came about, and what chess fans can expect from it. Below you can find her answer, but also a quiz question! (If you can't resist, and want to go to the question immediately, it starts at 6 minutes and 28 seconds).

So, if you'd like to try and win a signed copy of Judit Polgar's first book, you need to answer the question she asks at the end of the video!

There will be only one winner. If you want to compete, you have to do the following:

1) Become a fan of our ChessVibes Facebook Page (click 'Like' if you haven't yet!)

2) Then email us your answer to

The contest will start now and end Monday, September 24th at 15:00 CET. Yes that’s only two days, so be sure to enter quickly.

We will make sure you follow the steps above and choose our winner on Monday night. Please note the book is for one chess fan only.

Good luck!

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Dennis's picture

Does this mean that you can't compete in this quiz if you do not have a facebook account (like me)? Strange...

Anonymous's picture

I also don't "DO" facebook. I think it's very strange that companies are suddenly so eager to work with them to help FB recruit new members through similar contests.

RG13's picture

If this book is as good as Susan Polgar's excellent books then it will DEFINITELY be worth purchasing!

A World Champion's Guide to Chess: Step-by-step instructions for winning chess the Polgar way (Mar 8, 2005)

Breaking Through: How the Polgar Sisters Changed the Game of Chess (Aug 1, 2005)

Chess Tactics for Champions: A step-by-step guide to using tactics and combinations the Polgar way (Apr 11, 2006)

123's picture

I'm not about to sign my privacy away to some foreign (US) company with a dubious track record. Only allowing facebook members to participate is discriminatory and retarded.

RG13's picture

@123, I don't think you understand. Facebook's dubious track record of privacy has to do with people who fill out their Facebook profiles with all kinds of personal information and upload pictures. Therefore just join with a pseudonym and a bogus birth-date and don't upload any photos. If you win they only need a correct address to send your book.

Harry's picture

Become a "fan" of your ChessVibes Facebook Page only to have a chance to win the book. Doesn't this advertising of your page contradict the meaning of "fan"? VERY STUPID

Anonymous's picture

There is no reason to use an insulting term like "STUPID". Chessvibes is one of the best chess sites and if the publisher feels that he wants to promote it in this way then I support his decision.

Harry's picture

Sorry, but this is STUPID. It's like "love me then I'll buy you a car". Why advertising this way. Absolutely no need. Chessvibes is one of the biggest sites. It's big enough. No need to get bigger and die the greedy increase death. It's big enough!!

Peter Doggers's picture

Thanks for the feedback. We're trying this for the first time. Generally the reason for the Facebook part is that we're trying to find new readers via different channels. Ultimately the goal is to improve the site further!

Anonymous's picture

New readers from facebook? That's as useful as using limberger cheese to cover up a skunk scent.

Harry's picture

If you want to improve the site you should improve only in quality even further. The quantity is enough. Even many grandmasters read your site. What do you want more? It's impossible to want more quantity. If you want the last grandmaster from the eternal ice in siberia you don't get him via facebook. But if you want more and more and more weak amateurs and even non-players the quality will drop - this wouldnt be an improvement.


I think that you earned the the rank of grandmster before Bobby Fischer.

steve's picture

Boy, Judit can talk nonstop

Michel's picture

And the winner is ?????

Peter Doggers's picture

...just announced. ;-)

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