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World Champion Anand in Los Angeles in August 2012

Metropolitan Chess, Inc. will be hosting IGM and World Champion Viswanathan Anand in August 2012. He will be leading as an instructor at the Metropolitan 2012 Invitational Camp. This will mark the first time in 17 years that Viswanathan Anand will come to the United States for a chess related purpose.


Metro Chess 2012 Invitational Camp Promo from Ice Hat Creative on Vimeo.

The last time IGM Anand was in the United States was for the 1995 World Championship match with Garry Kasparov -- that was held in New York.

Another eight instructors will be teaching at the camp: IGM Loek van Wely, IGM Melikset Khachiyan, IGM Robert Hess, IGM Var Akobian, IM Armen Ambartsoumian, IM Andranik Matikozyan, IM Zhanibek Amanov, and FM Aviv Friedman. This will be the strongest team of instructors assembled for an instructional camp in the United States.

On August 13th, 2012, at the conclusion of the camp, IGM Anand will be conducting a 20-board simul that will be broadcast on various chess websites.

A soundbite of IGM Loek van Wely from the 2011 edition of the camp can be seen below:

Loek van Wely Invitational Chess Camp from Ice Hat Creative on Vimeo.


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Parkov's picture

It may be just regular old GM Vishy Anand at that stage

harami's picture

I doubt it, high chances that Anand will teach something to the Israeli GM, that his former school did not teach.

I think (and hope) Vishy remains Champion.'s picture

editor must very sure that Anand still Wch in August 2012

Youspampv's picture

editor must very sure that Anand still Wch in August 2012

Nesterovsky Aleksander's picture

As Gelfand said. We will see :) So Hope That editor will must corect his job :) after May...

Chess Fan's picture

I want Anand to win, but objectively speaking, everything depends on the their forms and little bit of luck during their actual match. Unfair pressures in the Bulgarian World Championship aside, I consider Boris Gelfand as Anand's most dangerous World Championship opponent till date. Don't forget Gelfand actually qualified as the challenger through a selection system and is Israel's top GM for many many years. It would be foolish to underestimate him and I am sure Anand is not. I also think highly of Gelfand's Israel related team he could draw on, and the souped-up Deep Junior computer he can use to prepare surprising preparation. Anand is very intelligent to know all these possibilities.

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