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Thursday, May 29, 2008 17:32
Today we present a brand new repertoire book for Black based on the Sveshnikov. The Easiest Sicilian by GM's Kolev & Nedev is aimed at players > 1850 elo. It proposes a sound yet aggressive repertoire after 1.e4 c5, 2.Nf3 Nc6 and covers the Rossolimo, the Sveshnikov as well as some rare lines. The authors counter some sneaky new ideas of...
Friday, May 23, 2008 22:42
-- "The mistakes are all there, waiting to be made"" -- "No game was ever won by resigning" -- "He wins who makes the next-to-last mistake" Half a century after his death Tartakower lives on, not only in his beautiful games, but also in his famous aphorisms. In Moral Victories: The Life of Savielly Tartakower, David Lovejoy brings to...
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 17:30
Formulating general principles of attacking chess? 'Forget it', I hear you say. But that's exactly what British Champion GM Jacob Aagaard just did, in Part1 of his magnum opus: The Attacking Manual: Basic Principles. Aagaard's rules of chess dynamics are, briefly told: -- include all your pieces -- use your lead in development or it will...
Friday, May 16, 2008 18:51
Elite Grandmasters will only very rarely write opening books. One great example I recall was Alexander Morozevich, in his 2007 bestseller (published by us) on the Chigorin Defence. That is why New In Chess are extremely proud to announce today the arrival of a new and groundbreaking opening book: The Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan. Indeed,...
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 0:21
Mark Dvoretsky is generally considered to be the best chess coach in the world. The series of training books he is currently writing with Artur Jussupow, one of his most successful pupils, has reached its next stage. We just received School of Future Champions, Vol. 3. It deals with endgame technique, and it has again the quality we are used to...
Saturday, May 10, 2008 0:25
If you are interested in taking your opponent out of his comfort zone at the very first move, then the new book Play 1.b4! may be just the ticket for you. With this aggressive pawn lunge you avoid the many theoretical landmines of main line opening theory and you force Black to think for himself. Ukranian IM Yury Lapshun, the main author, is an...
Friday, May 02, 2008 22:06
Garry Kasparov finally opens his laptop in New In Chess 2008#3! In his column Kasparov reveals some stunning analysis he discovered in the Sicilian, but which he did not get to use during his career as an active player. Further in this issue, among much more: on-the-spot reports from Moscow, Linares, Mexico, Nice, Istanbul and Reykajvik exclusive...
Friday, April 25, 2008 22:46
"If a sacrifice looks good, then it is good". Sounds unfamiliar? Sounds blasphemous? It is from Blitz Theory, a book we just received in stock. It reminded me of what Genrikh Chepukaitis, the famous SmartChip blitz legend from Genna Sosonko's marvelous book, used to say: "Confusion is adequate compensation for a sacrified piece". Blitz Theory is a...
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 0:40
If you play what Alexander Khalifman recommends, you will not be surprised by simple refutations. That is why strong players (up to Masters) use his opening books. But what about club players? Khalifman is a brilliant teacher, and points out the essence of all important positions. He explains themes and plans in a very accessible way, always...
Friday, April 18, 2008 18:40
//--> For those of you who know Part1 it will suffice to know that we have just received from Sofia: Carpathian Warrior 2. It is, as was Part 1, written by GM's Bogdan Lalic and Vladimir Okhotnik, and covers some lesser known lines vs the Pirc and Modern. This Part 2 resembles more an encyclopedia than an instruction manual. It has tons of...