Announcement | January 24, 2014 14:34

ChessVibes Magazines: Back Issues Still Available

Here's a quick post to let you know that all back issues of ChessVibes Openings (CVO) and part of the ChessVibes Training (CVT) issues are available in our shop right now. For CVO we have created a big ZIP file which includes all issues in PDF & PGN, and also the complete database in both PGN and CBV files! What you get is a complete overview of opening theory between January 2009 and November 2013, with hundres of annotated games, middlegame puzzles and opening articles that explain typical middlegame plans. A great way to study the opening while learning about what's hot in top level chess!

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.

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