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Giri shows his win against Wang Hao

Giri shows his win against Wang HaoAfter Tata's round 7 there was no press conference, but round 8 saw two. First Magnus Carlsen showed his win against Hikaru Nakamura, and then also Anish Giri was invited to demonstrate his victory. The 16-year-old grandmaster had beaten Wang Hao from China convincingly. Enjoy!


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markpark's picture

"I smell a butt". People in the organization should really learn to speak good english.

Raj's picture

As long as his chess language is good, we can always have an interpreter/translator for impeccable English.

John O's picture

Giri is only playing 46 points above his rating. The top 4 leaders in the B group all have higher TPRs than him so far. Except for Grischuk and Shirov playing poorly, there have been no surprises in the A group.

cip's picture

Come on, don't take so seriously. markpark wasn't criticizing: “I smell a butt” is a classic.

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A closed postions masterclass, and the teacher must be the most charming chessplayer ever. "Apparently... you survive?", lol.

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