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Nakamura shows his win against Vachier-Lagrave

Nakamura shows his win against Vachier-LagraveIn the 10th round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, America's number one chess player Hikaru Nakamura won his fifth game already. At an early stage Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France erred in his favorite Grünfeld, and was given no chance in the remainder. Nakamura explains. Enjoy!


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Tim's picture

They were both good, but Giri's was clearly the best.
He commented with the most detail and flair in my opinion.

Sergio's picture

I think all the chessplayers are improving there way of talking about there games also. Since in modern chess they get more used to the pressconferences.

I can't remember who it was , but one GM said about this move we talk later. (That ment he was prepared not only in the game but also for the press conference)

Great to see, and I can learn a lot from it.

adam's picture

simple, modest, likeable. hope to see more similar ones from naka

szoker's picture

I found Kramnik's commentary slightly better ;)

but this one is definitely the 2nd best !

thanks for the vid CV !

jonald_fenecios's picture

Thank you to Chessvibes for showing their commentary. It is very illuminating to hear their explanations and ideas behind those critical moves. If Chessvibes continues for every elite tournament I would not be surprised if someone from the bloggers becomes a grandmaster! I agree that by just listening to them it feels like that my rating goes up too. :)

Winterschaker's picture

"We're only human at the end of the day" :-)

Raj's picture

Nice, simple explanation. Thanks.

KK's picture

Very nice and detailed commentary. I almost felt my ELO rating go up by a couple of 100 points learning the ideas behind moves, the different sidelines, etc :-). Thanks Hikaru & CB for this great video!

Paul V's picture

Best commentary so far imho.

Thanks Naka!

mike h's picture

It is really nice to see (and hear) the fruits pre-game preparation. I think Nakamura's presence at elite tournaments in recent years has raised the bar.

Very well done!

john's picture

nice game and commentary by Naka!

The Devil's picture

The Nak conquers all.

Reality check's picture

GM Nakamura is Nak, Nak, Knocking on heaven's door. Congrat's. Two rounds to go. Keep the nerve. Keep the nerve. Keep the n....

ACRYS's picture


calvin amari's picture

Very well presented and, as these thing go, Naka goes the extra mile to indulge a broad audience showing various tactical lines to their ultimate conclusion. (Often we more mortals are left with these giants introducing the beginning of a sideline but concluding only with a waive of the hand or a shrug as if the conclusions to be drawn about the resulting position are obvious.) The real news is that this is the best tounament performance of Hikaru's career, but it is also nice to see him handle the PR equally well.

Paul V's picture

well put

Buri's picture

Nice commentary even though I've never really liked 'em which is probably because he seems to be pretty modest about the win..

markpark's picture

I like it. Anyone who knows who Naka's second is?

Johnny's picture

Nakamura's second is "Kris Littlejohn" a 2200 USCF player whose day job is computer hardware. More details at the bottom of this article:

Johnny's picture

I am hoping that Kramnik will be so worn out from his marathon (loss) against Magnus today that Kramnik won't be looking for another long fight as Black against Naka tomorrow.

I advise Naka to go 1.e4 and encourage some drawish line from Kramnik. :)

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