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Once more: Navara at Tata

Once more: Navara at TataLike he had done before, after the 11th round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament David Navara unexpectedly entered the press room and voluntarily showed his game. The Czech grandmaster, who would eventually qualify for the A group together with English GM Luke McShane, explained his victory against grandmaster Vlad Tkachiev from France. Enjoy this 'bonus material' from Wijk aan Zee!


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


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Did you also count how many times he misplaces the piece that fell on the floor? It is just a matter of placing them properly!

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His English is definitely NOT poor! He may speak with a strong accent, and have some difficulties with the correct pronounciation, but his grammar is fine and he has an extensive dictionary.

Sergio's picture

True, but he thinks it is poor. And the accent and pronounciation are the most important things when you try to speak for an audiance.

I once had a lecture from someone from Japan, and his gramar was great and the written words by each dia also, but I really couldn't understand him cause his pronounciation and accent.

However it is perfectly clear what he is saying or trying to say. And he shouldn't doubt himself. I really find his analyses very instructive.

The Devil's picture

Anyone know why he takes breaths while he talks like that? Is it because he's nervous? Is it a condition? Just curious.

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He's so damn nervous it's painful. I couldn't watch a video for more than a minute.

Sergio's picture

I guess a really good and instructive presetation has been lost for you then.

lex's picture

I guess so *spoken with nose slightly lifted*.

The Devil's picture

It was not meant to be a demeaning statement, I just wanted to know what it was, because I noticed this in other videos I watched him in. He seems like a very nice person.

Sergio's picture

He shouldn't appologize. Even though his English is poor, it is perfectly clear what he means, and he does the analyse in great detail.

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Navara is amazing and his will to share is as rare as it is loved by chess enthusiasts who have the luck to witness his live analysis. During the last Reggio Emilia tournament he was always very available and even analysed one of his loss for the public (His game against Gashimov, that is actually a quite thrilling game where David played very well).
After his game against McShane, at Tata, he analized for what it seemed more than 1 hour to me in the analysis room. I said to John Nunn: 'Navara is the only active player at the top who actually tells you _every single line_ he has seen during the game and the number of them is simply astonighing', at this Nunn replied that he thinks this is only part of what he knew and analized during the game.
We (patzers) just don't imagine what these players know and see during a's simply hundreds times more than we try to do!

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I love his modesty, like when he speaks about his colleagues adressing them as 'grandmaster so-and-so'. Nice.

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It is absolutely ridiculous that Tata keeps on working with these awful wooden demonstration pieces!

eso es's picture

What nonsense! To demonstrate a game to a group of people there is no better way than a demo board. And these ones are hand made by a local craftsman who also was present selling his handmade chess boards at the tournament. Si is part of the Wijk/Corus/Tata charm that visitors are treated to these very instructive explications with high visibility. For example, digital projection would be a miserable and less visible substitute for these authentic master performances......

harry's picture

There can't be a better board !!!!!!! This is THE board. Can't you hear the nice chattering of the wooden pieces? This is the Wijk melody played with them.

evanhaut's picture

To my opinion, it is a big insult to them grandmasters that are presenting their games. If I counted correctly, GM Navara dropped pieces no less than 28 times!

S's picture

What a strange boy. If he went postal and you read about it in the paper would it surprise you?
Say no more.

Nima's picture

What a statement! So, if someone`s behaviour does not fit your idea of normal, you would assume he could go postal. Does it matter that he is obviously a polite, kind and articulate young man who happens to also be a great chess player? There are many "normal" looking people who do bad things to others but never go "postal".

WhatsNext?'s picture

Wooden magnetic pieces sounds wonderful! Try it next time!
Thanks Navara for world class annotations! Look forward to more!

Mr. X's picture

Good stuff from GM Navara! And the demo board is just fine.

Great analysis's picture

Thank you GM David, your analysis was very very useful to me, and also to help coach my kids a bit. Thanks for spending so much time, and to CB for hosting the talk!

PP's picture

Very nice and entertaining!

I honestly did not expect such a clear and thorough explanation from somebody that looks and behaves so shy and humble. There really is no reason to feel humble at all! You are one of the best chess players around, and can explain it to simple chess players like me.

Thank you and thank Chessvibes for posting this.

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Great presentation and modest.

Fear of Public speaking is said to be the Number One Fear reported in surveys across the globe. I believe hes also speaking in sheer exhilaration, excitement, and thus holding his breath. I hold my breath when i snowboard 20mph down double black . So it could be a mix of both fear and excitement. Practice makes perfect and his English is superb.

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Thanks for a wonderful analysis.To all serious chess students,this video is a gem.We don't care about the pronunciation or the grammar.You showed to us,how to win a won game,and also avoids some deep traps.

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I absolutely LOVED it. Navara analyses at such depth, it's uncanning. Navara gives such great analyses, his other one - the rook ending - was also amazing. Great stuff! Hope to see more of his analysis next year at Tata A! :)

David's picture

Thank you very much GM Navara and ChessVibes for this wonderful material!

Navara seems such a good and humble guy, not many over 2700 players would have accepted to play the B tournament. It's great news that Tata's organizers awarded him with an invitation to next year's A Group.

Septimus's picture

Hi analysis was very good. Even noobs like me could follow his idea. Hope he gets bumped to the A group next year.

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