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New: 400-page Bobby Fischer Biography!

Frank Brady - Endgame - Bobby Fischer's Rise and FallNew: Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall.

Acclaimed biographer Frank Brady, who first met Bobby Fischer when the prodigy was just ten years old, has written a breathtaking and unique full-length biography containing more than 400(!) pages. Brady portraits Fischer’s entire life and answers the question:

What was Bobby Fischer really like?.


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Peter, I know this is an "Advertorial", but maybe you can send a note to the folks over at "New in Chess" and let them know the first sentence of the third paragraph, in the marketing copy, is hurting my brain.

"At first all one noticed was how gifted Bobby was. Possessing a 181 I.Q. and remarkable powers of concentration, he memorized hundreds of chess books in several languages, and he was only 13 when he became the youngest chess master in U.S. history."

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