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Italian chess documentary

Chess me outPerhaps you've seen it already, but in case you haven't: one of our readers pointed out to us the Italian chess documentary Chess me out - talk on board, which was posted on the internet already three years ago. Among others, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Humpy Koneru, Levon Aronian, Hikaru Nakamura, Joel Lautier, Rustam Kasimdzhanov and Anatoly Karpov are interviewed.

Full list of appearaces: Adolivio Capece, Diego Garces, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Fabio Bruno, Martha Fierro, Cicchese Gennaro, Michele Godena, Daniel Genocchi, Sabino Brunello, Roberta Brunello, Brunello Marina, Christina Hunting, Veronika Goi, Giulio Borgo, Mark Quinn, Alex Wohl, Rusudan Goletiani, Humpy Koneru, Almira Skripchenko, Elisabeth Paethtz, Patricia Vega Llaneza, Levon Aronian, Hikaru Nakamura, Joel Lautier, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Ennio Arlanda, Giancarlo Marcotulli, Sergio Mariotti, Anatoly Karpov, Giancarlo Ciancarini, Giuseppe Scolari Cardelli, David Levy.

The documentary, also mentioned on IMDB, was created by Davide Fasolo. In an interview he declared that the idea to make it was born almost by accident.

Until then I had never worked in video and/or documentaries. At the time when the Chess Olympiad in Turin was going to take place, a friend of mine (Anna Recalde Miranda) invited me to participate in a documentary about chess.


It is a unique world, very fascinating. A world united by a common language and at the same time by people who come from all over the world, a world of migrant tournaments around the world and at the same time a world fixed on a chessboard.

Thanks to Janis Nisii


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Dude, why don't you start a live thread for the second round of the candidates match?

Kamsky roasted Topa alive with Black. Looks like Gelfand has a big advantage over Shak and may win. Kramnik's game is heading for a draw.

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Lol, what just about to do that, you impatient dude! ;-)

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yeah true i like aronian to be there for wcc 2012 with vishy

that will be a titans clash .. ;)

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Terrific documentary! This should be required viewing for chessplayers, and especially for parents with kids who are getting into chess.

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lol people are impatient.

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lol people are impatient...

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great docu

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Funny, Google translate mispelled a few names: Daniele Genocchio became Daniel Genocchi, Arlandi became Arlanda and one of the Brunello sisters had her name switched after her last name. Weird.
While I'm here: that list represent the chess people who have been interviewed, but many of them got edited out in the final version.

The translation of the second sentence is slightly wrong , but the meaning remains. (it's not "a world of migrants tournaments" but more "a world that migrates throughout tournaments scattered all over the world")

Probably another thing worth mentioning in the interview is when Fasolo is asked "Is there a player you would have liked to interview but didn't get to?" and he replies "Ivanchuck!" Chucky is interesting even for people who don't know a thing about chess :)

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