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June 3-5: the first ICC open

June 1-3: the first ICC openIn a press release the Internet Chess Club (ICC) announces its first "ICC Open", an online blitz tournament with a $3,500 prize fund. Besides a main event where IMs and GMs will fight for the prizes, there will be U2200, U2000, U1800 and U1600 sections.



Summer officially starts now on the Internet Chess Club (, as we get set to launch the inaugural ICC Open with $3,500 in prize money. ICC members will get the chance not only to hone their skills on some of the world’s top GMs and IMs, but they will also get the opportunity to win cash prizes within their own rating band!

There’s something for everyone in the 1st ICC Open, ranging from the hardened-pros of GMs and IMs to tournament players and the occasional club player with an Open, U2200, U2000, U1800 and U1600. Four qualifying tournaments (with a time control of 3 minutes throughout) will be held on on Friday and Saturday, 3rd-4th June, starting at 3pm and 8pm EDT. Class prize-winners will be determined by their best score in one qualifier and competitors can play in as many qualifiers as they like.

Qualifier 1:

Friday, June 3, at 3pm
Qualifier 2:

Friday, June 3, at 8pm
Qualifier 3:

Saturday, June 4, at 3pm
Qualifier 4:

Saturday, June 4, at 8pm

Sunday, June 5, at 3pm

All times are server time (EDT, New York Time, UTC/GMT -5 hours).

The Open will be contested in a grand winner-takes-all knockout final that all ICC members can watch live on Sunday, June 5th, starting at 3pm EDT.

This is an event that is restricted only to ICC members. GMs and IMs receive free membership on ICC, and for non-titled players membership starts from just $24.95. You can join ICC now on a free 7-day trial membership, but entry into the 1st ICC Open will only be allowed on a full membership.

For condition of entry, rules and full schedule of the 1st ICC Open, go to the official site.

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VladimirOo's picture

How do they prevent computer cheating ?

onurengin's picture

They can send securities to the homes:)

runyonm41's picture

I dont get it, brake out the computers?.

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They search your computer for engines and if someone gets suspicious they will analyze your moves. Of course this does not completely stop cheating but what else can ya do?

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That is not exactly true. While this has been the case in the past, it was thought that such a venture called for greater security. Some may well consider it excessive. If you read the "Regulations concerning computer safety" on their website, available in pdf format, it indicates that "each participating member must be supervised or in the presence of a designated ICC official during the course of play of each tournament game". Unfortunately, although it is well-known, all ICC officials are currently residing in Nebraska (as per ICC code 141.38c) and their individual transportation to one's own residence likely would not be worthwhile considering the prize fund.

But more to the point, Nebraska's own chess-playing population includes but 73 untitled players (some .004% of the total) who each would like to acquire one of the 34.5 officials in their state (the 1/2 refers to the ICC official who is, in fact, aware of the rules of chess and an avid player herself - she may or may not join this tournament). As a result, what will be most interesting to witness is the pre-tournament strategy, how will these officials be enticed to accept one player's invitation over another? Will the government be offering any subsidies to Class A and B players to improve the strength of the tournament and in what form will this be presented - what sort of tempting invitation would the CIA construct? I do hope this website will follow and publicize the lead up to the tournament, which will surely display some entertainment.

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Cool story bro.

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