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Carlsen also in the upcoming TIME

TIME interviews Magnus CarlsenRemember the brief Q&A with Magnus Carlsen in TIME Magazine that we mentioned last week? Well, as it turned out that was just a 'stocking stuffer' during the magazine's quiet holiday period. TIME's upcoming issue (US and international) will hit newstands in a few days, and this one contains a 'full profile' interview.

The new article again isn't very long (912 words) and for the chess fans it doesn't add too much, but we think it's a nice profile of Magnus. Together with last week's Q&A, TIME's readers get a good idea about the person who will probably be dominating the chess world for a while. Two Kasparov quotes:

In September, he announced a coaching contract with Garry Kasparov, arguably the greatest player of all time, who quit chess in 2005 to pursue a political career in Russia. "Before he is done," Kasparov says, "Carlsen will have changed our ancient game considerably."

But Kasparov says Carlsen's mastery is rooted in a "deep intuitive sense no computer can teach" and that his pupil "has a natural feel for where to place the pieces." According to Kasparov, Carlsen has a knack for sensing the potential energy in each move, even if its ultimate effect is too far away for anyone — even a computer — to calculate. In the grand-master commentary room, where chess's clerisy gather to analyze play, the experts did not even consider several of Carlsen's moves during his game with Kramnik until they saw them and realized they were perfect. "It's hard to explain," Carlsen says. "Sometimes a move just feels right."

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Interesting new blog post by Henrik Carlsen.

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Good piece. "Clerisy" was a new word to me (it sounds like a combination of clergy and heresy) Thanks for alerting me to it. And have a Happy New Year.

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he is talking about his trainers, many.
but you learn also much chess from your opponents playing against them.

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I only had opportunity to read the entire article just now. Am I correct that Carlsen himself doesn't add anything to what could already be read in the Q & A? The article mainly seems to elaborate a bit more on ther background of recent chess history and Kasparov's perspective. I liked the Q & A much better.

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The new article mainly thrives on fragments such as

"Tall, handsome and expressionless, he [Kramnik] looks exactly as a man who has mastered a game of nearly infinite variation should: like a high-end assassin."

"Magnus Carlsen yawns, fidgets, slumps in his chair."

"Norway — a "small, poxy chess nation with almost no history of success," as the English grand master Nigel Short sniffily describes it"

"His [Magnus'] father Henrik, a soft-spoken engineer"

Does this style appeal to a general public??

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