Reports | February 24, 2010 20:18

VIDEO: The Draw

This year the Linares tournament has seen a lot of draws, despite the newly introduced rule that draws are in principle not allowed under move 40. Yesterday we spoke with Gashimov, Vallejo, Gelfand and Aronian about their draws and this rule. Video!


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wolf gray's picture

Next logical step in this direction is to make forbidden the 3-fold repetition. The one who does it must be declared lost, isn't it :)

Rick's picture

Great video! It makes me feeling homesick for Linares. Hope today will be an exciting last round!

bird's picture

Vallejo drinks red bull!!! that´s his training secret?

Radical Caveman's picture

I like Aronian! :)

VladimirOo's picture

@wolf gray
Or use some idea like the ko-rule in Go - a player cannot play a move that repeats a position immediately. He may only if meanwhile he plays somewhere else on the board. Then, at his next move, he can play the move that was supposed to repeat the position.

jussu's picture

Yeah, I like Aronian, too. I hoped he would win the tournament, but at least he demonstrated that he can still beat even Kramnik in giving silly answers to annoying questions.

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