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Breaking: Magnus Carlsen starts fashion model career at G-Star (UPDATE)

Magnus Carlsen starts model careerNext to his chess activities world's number one Magnus Carlsen has started a fashion model career. The 19-year-old Norwegian was contracted by international clothing brand G-Star. In a campain launched today in Berlin, Carlsen stars together with world famous actress Liv Tyler. Update: photos & more info.

The news was under embargo until today, when the official launch of G-Star's new campaign took place in Berlin, Germany. But a short while ago the Norwegian daily newspapers were the first to tell it to the world: Magnus Carlsen was contracted by G-Star as their latest male model. The Norwegian is starring with Hollywood actress Liv Tyler, famous for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and many other films. The photography for the campaign was done by star photographer Anton Corbijn.

"I think I look tough," Carlsen said to a journalist of NRK Sports, standing in front of a giant photo of himself. The contract with G-Star, already signed on February 1st but kept a secret until today, is for this year's autumn and winter collection and includes one of the world's largest fashion shows. Carlsen will probably go on the catwalk during the New York Fashion Week in September, as NRK reports.

Press Release

G-Star’s Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign

combines hollywood glamour with the chess world

Amsterdam, July 2010 - G-Star’s Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign, shot by celebrated photographer Anton Corbijn, combines the intelligence of Norwegian chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen, with the beauty of model and actress, Liv Tyler.

This combination of contrasting and unexpected elements is one of G-Star’s key philosophies, displayed in runway shows, where destroyed denim pants are often paired with tailored jackets from the Correct Line range; and where iconic and fearless performers, such as Benicio Del Toro, interrupt proceedings to deliver spoken-word pieces in a form of ‘art-hijack.’

Already the world chess number one and described as a ‘Mozart of chess,’ Carlsen has the potential to become a similar level of icon. Becoming a Grandmaster at the age of 13 years and 148 days, Magnus is the youngest player in history to achieve the number one rank and his uncompromising approach to the game mirrors G-Star’s own hardcore design philosophy.

Hollywood actress Tyler perfectly embodies the modern G-Star woman’s combination of toughness with controlled sensuality. Her striking looks and assured, independent style have made her a globally recognized model and fashion icon. Liv returns for her second G-Star campaign, having previously presented the elegant Low-T capsule-collection.

The striking black and white images were captured by Anton Corbijn in a Miami shoot that represents his fourth major advertising campaign for G-Star.

G-STAR RAW. Just the Product.

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

On September 10th, 2010, G-Star travels to the Cooper Star Hotel in New York City to host a global chess competition: The Raw World Chess Challenge. Everyone in the world is invited to play Magnus Carlsen, the no. 1 chess player in the world, together at once, live on the internet. Three Chess Grandmasters, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from France, Hikaru Nakamura from the United States and Judit Polgár, will suggest a move each to the online registered public. The public can vote online for their favourite move to be played against Magnus. Here you can enter.

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star


Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star

Magnus Carlsen starts model career

Photo: Anton Corbijn / G-Star



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biggy's picture

Well..not sure how much this would be of help to expose the chess as a sport..but one thing might be of help is that now some other business house might want to have chess players as the models, which would be an additional way for chess players to make their bread (we have enough chess players that are handsome, beautiful as well as with interesting personality and background..!!!)...
All the best!

biggy, Delft

Rob Schoorl's picture

This is better press than Toiletgate, no handshaking between players, conspiracy theories etc. etc. etc.etc.
I think It makes grandmasters look more like 'normal' sportsman;)

Lone-Tiger's picture

Carlsen looks Fantastic!!! Makes him look very charismatic, something chess desperately needs for PR purposes.

king_92's picture

Ooow, so he is considered handsome now? Well, I amn't saying he's not neither, but to become a model ? Hmmm............? o_O

kjetil's picture

What to say -)( - A rare combination of beauty and brains...

Nick's picture

double sigh

Tomber's picture

Good for chess and good for Magnus. IF he is not distracted in his play!

4i4mitko's picture

uuu aaa popularizing our fantastic game this is quite boring you know i m out of here

ll's picture

Fashion gambit?

An Afghan's picture

thans MC to do is good for sport of chess and I hope not nakamura does the same thing.and i hope it doesn`t efect your chess

An Afghan's picture

it is modern chess and GIRI is next

Arne's picture

You gotta be kidding me! Awesome collab between chessbase and chessvibes to bring this out of date April´s fool joke! Because it is a fool´s joke, right?

Frans's picture

This is great news for the PR for chess. Anton Corbijn is one of the most portrait photographers in the last 30 years. And G-Star will sponsor a tournament in september.

The guys that react here in a negative way, might simply be jealous :-)
Or ... they do not like it that our best player at the moment tries to explain that chess players are not merely ugly men, trying to be intellectualistic.

Go Magnus, you are doing a great job popularizing our fantastic game!

mort's picture

For those who say magnus will get distracted from chess. The picturs where taken in february, didnt seem to distract hin in the kings turnament.

Yoghurt McTaggart's picture

Well done that man. Good luck to the young fella.

Some comically odd studenty rant anti-capitalist stuff herein. Most of us have to live in the real world, not on a yoghurt collective.

Rothschild's picture

Dear john who wrote: "after he wins the world chess championship he can do what he likes. But he should win it first!"

Be sure to call him up and tell him this. I'm sure he'll understand and withdraw from every other contract he may have with other sponsors. Thank you for protecting him and his reputation. You are indeed a great man.

Now, gtfo and read your own nonsense before pressing 'Submit Comment'.

atutxlgsv's picture

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