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RAW World Chess Challenge: Kasparov selects the World Team

RAW World Chess Challenge: Kasparov selects the World TeamLast month we reported about Magnus Carlsen's new career as a fashion model for G-Star. On September 10th he will play against a world team (you can play too!) helped by three top GMs. They were selected by RWCC ambassador Garry Kasparov and presented in another nice video by G-Star.

Part of the cooperation between G-Star and Magnus Carlsen is the RAW World Chess Challenge. On September 10th, 2010 the Cooper Star Hotel in New York City will host a global chess competition. Everyone in the world is invited to play Magnus Carlsen, the number one chess player in the world, together at once, live on the internet. Three GMs, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from France, Hikaru Nakamura from the United States and Judit Polgar from Hungary, will suggest moves to the online registered public. The public can vote online for their favourite move to be played against Magnus. Here you can enter.

In a new communiqué this week G-Star introduces Garry Kasparov as the official RAW World Chess Challenge ambassador.

When asked about his thoughts on the RAW World Chess Challenge, Garry Kasparov says: “I am acting as the ambassador of this Challenge, because I am attracted by the unique character of the RAW World Chess Challenge. There isn’t any sport I know of that gives the entire world the opportunity to play the world’s best simultaneously. Magnus is one of the greatest talents ever. This game will be a true challenge for him. Let’s see who wins: he or the World."

Here's the G-Star video in fashion style (potentially insipiring new ChessVibes videos ;-) ) that introduces Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Judit Polgar:


Last month the big news was that Magnus Carlsen was contracted by G-Star as their latest male model. The 19-year-old Norwegian is starring together with Hollywood actress Liv Tyler, famous for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and many other films. The photography for the campaign was done in Miami by star photographer Anton Corbijn. In their press release G-Star expained their choice of Carlsen: his "uncompromising approach to the game mirrors G-Star’s own hardcore design philosophy".

The general video about the RAW Chess Challenge with Carlsen:




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Peter Grønborg's picture

Carlsen you are the best, thanks for promoting chess this way, Very exciting!

Arvin's picture

It will be a very exciting game. Online games featuring world's best against rest of the world proved succesful and exciting in the past, so it will be very good for the chess world.

john's picture

wow is chess coming back to life or what? great!

PP (nl)'s picture

Sounds like something already done on Dutch radio for years... :-)

But it's a nice way to promote chess!

known1's picture

How do you register for it?

Peter's picture

Am I the only one who dislikes using the term, "World Number One" for the highest rated player? Unlike tennis and golf, chess has a world champion (finally an undisputed one), and I think "World Number One" should be reserved for the world champion, not for the top-rated player.

JAKE C's picture

If not for the pre-selected human GM panel, this could easily have been the "GM Magnus Carlsen VS The World-Using-the-Latest-Chess-Engines-and-Databases-on-Multicore-Computers" Challenge which could have led to a predictable epic failure.

Jon's picture

I understand your question, but when you are number one by more than 20 rating points, not a couple, it's hard to avoid some kind of description. I myselft prefer teh #1 or the highest ratede player, but I guess the organisers want to optimize their project so World Number One, sounds better. but it may give wrong connotations.

Peter's picture

What if their ratings became only a few points apart - would that change your view? Anyway, I recall in the 1980s when Kasparov surpassed Karpov in ratings because of his incredible tournament wins. They both played for the Sovient Union in the chess olympiad, and people wondered who would play first board. Kasparov played second board while Karpov played first board, maybe it was out of respect that Karpov was still the world champion. I just think the world champion should mean the world number one, and Carlsen could be called World Top Rated, World Highest Rated, World Number One Rated, or something like that.

iLane's picture

Jake C: don't forget about the big drawback of these "...against the World" matches that the many thousands of votes will result in an average good looking move and the ingenious ideas are always supressed. Therefore "THE WORLD" never has a chance while ONE average player with a good computer might have...

John's picture

This is a one day event and I don't think that has been the case for the previous internet voting matches. I also think the combination of expertice (Naka, Judit an Vachier-Lagrave suggesting move-options) and the knowledge of the masses can be a suprisingly strong one. Very interesting experiment!

b3wins's picture


The link "Here you can enter" isn't helpful, since on their website you can only give your email for "more information", and there is so far no information available on many points.
Could you please check the following in case you have any direct communication with them?

what time is the game going to start? How long will it last? Is there time control?
How can one register to participate?
Will the participants be only online, or also at the Cooper Star Hotel? (preferably the latter is a possibility. If not, is it possible to be present there as a spectator?)
Will the three advisors of the World Team be present at the hotel as well?
How are they going to prevent computer assistance?


Andre Morais's picture

I think its really great that magnus and the RAW team are promoting chess like this!!!!! This is the spirit XXI chess needs!

Peter Doggers's picture

I asked (and got) some more information. Will publish it at a later stage. There will be a website to enter soon.

Michael Fortunato's picture

Thousands of votes do NOT necessarily lead to "average good looking moves". Research in this area may surprise you; there is real wisdom in crowds, and it may appear in this game.

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