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Lahno wins Women's World Blitz

Kateryna LahnoKateryna Lahno yesterday won the 2010 Women's World Blitz Championship in Moscow. Ukraine's best female player finished with a 20/30 score in the Final tournament. Tatiana Kosintseva (Russia) won the silver medal and Valentina Gunina (Russia) took bronze.

The first ever FIDE Women's World Blitz Championship took place September 15-18 at the Russian State Social University in Moscow. The tournament was brought to life during the FIDE Presidential Board in January 2010 in Turkey. It was organized by the Russian State Social University and the Moscow Chess Federation in co-operation with the Russian Chess Federation and under the aegis of FIDE. The rate of play was 3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment.

The tournament was open to all women players representing their national federations regardless of their title or rating. They started in two open online qualification tournaments, played this summer as Swiss tournaments of 17 rounds. The five players in each tournament qualified for the Semi-Final tournament, held September 15 and 16 in Moscow. In this event also took part:

  • players representing their national federations and rated at least 2350 points;
  • players who took 2-15 places in the Moscow open 2010 (women's section);
  • ten players nominees by the organizer;
  • six players nominees by the FIDE President.

The Semi-Final tournament was played as a Swiss tournament of 13 double rounds. Irina Krush from the USA finished clear first, ahead of Vera Nebolsina (Russia) and Natalia Zhukova (Ukraine).

Women's World Blitz Championship 2010 | Semi-Final | Final Standings (top 20)

Women's World Blitz Championship 2010 | Semi-Final | Final Standings

The top six players of this semi-final qualified directly for the Final tournament. According to the regulations, also eligible were:

  • Alexandra Kosteniuk as the current Women's World Champion;
  • the top 6 players in the rating list published on May 1, 2010;
  • the winner of the Moscow-open 2010 (women's section);
  • 1 wild card by the organizer (by May 1, 2010);
  • 1 wild card by the FIDE President (by May 1, 2010);

The Final tournament was played as a double round-robin event of 15 rounds on September 17 and 15 rounds on September 18. Despite missing a mate in one in the last round against Tatiana Kosintseva, Kateryna Lahno finished clear first to take home 10,000 Euros and the world blitz title.

Women's World Blitz Championship 2010 | Final | Final Standings

Women's World Blitz Championship 2010 | Final | Final Standings

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Jo's picture

No chinese players?!

doesnt seem much like a world blitz

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Game no. 17 in the viewer!

Ruud van der Poot's picture

oops! Got to watch those sneaky checkmates in blitz

Zeblakov's picture

Where are you Alexandra oO ....??

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#17, wow, ouch and omigosh. It's certainly happened to me plenty of times (and I'm sure it will again), but it's just like watching a skier who crashes; you just can't help but cry out...

john's picture

wow what a total owning!

Jo's picture

Looks like players in semi-final were exhausted by final

lefty's picture

blunderful- but still- interesting games. I liked the c3 sicilian- I can't wait for sveshnikov's book to get here!!! if it's half as good as his two volume work on the french advance it will deserve the book of the year award.

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