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Participants Tata Tournament announced

Today in a press release the organizers of the 2011 Tata Steel Chess Tournament announced the participants for its three grandmaster groups. In A we will see GMs Carlsen, Anand, Aronian, Kramnik, Grischuk, Ponomariov, Shirov, Nakamura, Wang Hao, Vachier-Lagrave, Nepomniachtchi, Giri, Smeets and l'Ami.

Press release

The participants list of the 73rd Chess Tournament Tata Steel has five players from the world's top 10. They are Magnus Carlsen (1), Viswanathan Anand (3), Levon Aronian (4), Vladimir Kramnik (5) and Alexander Grischuk (7). The main group has five newcomers: 16-year-old Anish Giri (The Netherlands), Erwin L'Ami (The Netherlands), the reigning European champion Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia), the Frenchman Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (youth world champion in 2009/2010) and the Chinese Wang Hao.

The field is a nice mix of world class and the young talent. Five of the fourteen players are 21 years or younger. World Champion Anand (41 in January 2011) is the oldest participant. With an average rating of 2736 Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011 comes close to the strength of the anniversary tournament in 2008 (then the average rating was 2740).

The B group of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament is the strongest ever in Wijk aan Zee. According to the organizers the coveted promotion to the A group attracts more and more players from all over the world to this tournament. No fewer than three of the fourteen players have a rating of over 2700. With an average rating of 2657, the B group for the first time in its history achieved category 17.

Just 12 of the 14 names in the grandmaster group C are known. The remaining two places will go to the winner of the traditional Cultural Village Tournament (15 to 24 November 2010, Wijk aan Zee) and the best Dutchman in the same tournament.

The 73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament will take place from 14 to 30 January 2011 in sports hall De Moriaan in Wijk aan Zee. Admission is free to the public.

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants A group

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants A group

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants B group

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants A group

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants C group

Tata tournament 2011 | Participants A group
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Semetey's picture

Hello, dear organizers! Why in tournament "C" there are no two players? Please take there the player from Kyrgyzstan: Tologontegin Semetey, 1990 of a birth, FM, 2320, a member of an Olympic team of Kyrgyzstan. E-mail:

Antichrist's picture

The correct abbreviation for Shirov's residence is ESP, not SPA. ;)

jazzkoo's picture

no van wely...

steven's picture

It seems a few players in the A-group switched to another federation overnight ?!

Tarjei's picture

birthyear of Bluvshtein is wrong, should be 1988.

Razvan's picture

I have a feeling (I could be mistaking) that Shirov was not born in 1987. :)

Peter Doggers's picture

Thx, let's blame it on my jet lag. Corrected.

S's picture

Interesting line up but I don't see last year's winner.

S's picture

D'oh..2009's winner. Silly me.
Giri,Nepomniachi,Lagrave...good line up.

carl's picture

no chucky... :(

iLane's picture

No participants from Israel and Hungary (2nd and 3rd place in the Olympiad)!

Eiae's picture

Looking forward to watching how Nakamura and Hammer will do in this tournament. Is Naka a contender or a pretender?

S's picture

Naka didn't do so bad last year at Wijk aan Zee.

Italian PawnPusher's picture

Where is Caruana?

chess's picture

wow, interesting

suplexer's picture

impretty sure li chao was born in 1989 not 1983 :)

Pedro Pinto's picture


The A group is nice as expected, but the B group will be a bag full of cats!

Lots of strong and competitive players!

V's picture

My Windows Excel shows an average rating of 2733, but it is still 20th category :)

code_word's picture

Same comment. No Karjakin. :(

CAL|Daniel's picture

Actually SPA is also correct.

said to missing so many great players! Ivanchuk, Short, Adams, Van Wely!!

code_word's picture

Nakamuea was tied 4th this last time (with some Anand dude, who drew 11 games -- but beat the 2nd and 3rd place finishers) and fully deserves again. Guess +1 is not enough, as Karjakin and Ivanchuk aren't back.

szacharnia's picture

Brawo Radek Wojtaszek - Polska

Simon's picture

Finally Maxime Vachier Lagrave is invited to the A tournament...about time!

Morley's picture

The way Kramnik, Carlsen, Anand, and Aronian are playing, it is entirely possible that when Corus comes around, it will feature the top 4 players in the world, all of whom will be over 2800. Looking to be one of the biggest clashes in a long time ...

monte44's picture

Where is Topa when his friend Vladimir is among the players?

Hortensius's picture

Incredibly strong!
Hope to see Chucky back next time though...

satyv's picture

It is good to see Giri in A. A groups is !!!! but no chucky ?!

aun1's picture

topalov and dainalov need to grow up. it seems they refuse to participate in any tournament where kramnik is a contestant. the only ones they are hurting are themselves and the chess community. i'm sure kramnik does not mind since he is picking up his appearance fee.

this year is looking great. i always root for volodya, but i don't know how he's going to be feeling by the time this tournament rolls around considering he will be coming off the london classic, and that is immediately preceded by the tal memorial. anand might be an early favorite since he is skipping moscow. le quang liem has my vote for group b. he showed a lot of class at dortmund, and the competition here won't be as stiff.

casa's picture

What wrong?? I just like ladies from Ukrain etc.
I often check: they have fantastic legs.
i don't want to see Bareev legs please!!

LMedemblik's picture

Casa is a chess visionalist.
During rescuing he places a ladder against the Rook and during the descent of the Lady he looks under her skirt.
He better watch out the Knight will not kick him, the Bishop will not stab him and the King will not cut off his head wich will roll, with increasing amazement, between the Pawns.

CAL|Daniel's picture

so this means Ivanchuk declined both Corus and Tal Memorial. Sad!!!

suplexer's picture

The choice of picture for ths report is misleading as it shows carlsen smiling and saying it was easy, but shows anand as worrying. If that is the case why is anand +5 -1 against carlsen? Will carlsen ever beat Anand again?

Marcos Sander's picture


I'm pretty sure that Kramnik has 2780 and not 2760.Also Grischuk has 2760 and not 2749.And last,Radek is a short name for Radoslaw Wojtaszek?If not is Radoslaw,but if is a short form forget about this last sentende.

Always a good post!


Marcos Sander's picture

Almost forgot about it.I'm glad that Nyzhnyk is having a chance on Group C.Hopefully he will be another Giri in this year!

casa's picture

And, please tell me, how about the ladies?? We all want to see some cuties around, no? Alll the briljant sacrifices of the geniusses in the A-group are worth less than a twenty year old eastern europan girl in a mini-skirt, no?
At least for me!!!!!

Dude's picture

Hmm.. Chessbase is your home, casa

Vuong's picture

I wanna replace Giri by Le Quang Liem in Group A. His performance in Dortmund is very impressive.

Thomas's picture

Giri qualified by winning the B group this year (2010), so there is no way to "replace" him. Le Quang Liem may have competed with Wang Hao and Nepomniachtchi for a spot in the top group, with higher ratings and better Olympiad results deciding the issue. His time will come, he can earn a spot in the top group 2012 like he earned his Dortmund spot by winning the Aeroflot Open.

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