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London Chess Classic: the players' interviews

One of the reasons the 2010 London Chess Classic was so special, was its live coverage. Every round chess fans from all over the world could enjoy GM commentary about the games, and as soon as one was over, interviews with the players. That last bit was naturally the most interesting, and now all these players' interviews have been put together in a nice show player.

Macauley Peterson, who was responsible for the production of the live show in London, has put all the players' interviews together in the show player below. It contains hours of top level chess explained by the players themselves. We praise the organizers of the London Chess Classic for setting a new standard for tournament coverage.

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Appreciate ChessLive in broadcasting these games and interviews of the London Chess Classic. Makes it really interesting to see and hear the thought process of grandmasters. Vishy Anand's speed is another amazing thing I saw during the interviews here and he was so much quicker than the analysing GMS as well!

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Great coverage for this tournament!!!
Congratulations to all you.

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Kramnik is so great

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I bet all my chess books that "somebody" is going to write "London Chess Fraud" in this comment's the power of repetition! ;)

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Lol :-)
Thanks "Fargo" for offering us all your chess books, with nothing less than a "self-lost" bet, something a logic lover like me never came across before! Send them to Peter Doggers, I'm sure he'll be delighted to deliver one or two to me, as he has my contact info.

Poor little child "Septimus", try convincing your educators to finaly give you some education. Its something you'll apreciate, and avoid your insulting sillyness in public.

By the way, the ONLY thing that made me enter this article (about a disguised chess variant tournament) was to put my semi-off-topic post (further down). Otherwise, I would never see your childish and abusing comments. And that is... serious!

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My dear Castro, I don't see in which way my comment was abusive. It was just a little joke (hence the smiley) about you repeating the same thing over and over on this site as if we wouldn't know your opinion yet- and it's not that I agree or disagree, it just got a bit tiring to have you writing "fraud" under so many threads. I just don't see why you need to repost it all the time, I think by now everybody here knows your opinion.
Hope you have the self-irony to laugh about yourself! It's just the Internet anyway.

Alas, you will not get my chess books, as you wrote "disguised chess variant tournament" and "Real and unsold chess!". And although I won my self-lost bet (you are right, that was quite a logic stretch ;) ) as you couldn'r resist the urge to post and repeat your opinion once again, you DIDN'T mention the word "fraud". The betting counter is closed now and I keep my books! ;)

Enough silly off-topic. Have a good day!

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And for you logic-lover: Actually I lost my bet, but I came close. You just chose the wrong phrasing! :)

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Oh! Of course you're right! Poor logic, mine! There was, of course, a logical (self-reference) issue in your bet (a "a logic stretch"), but it was the other way arround. It was a "self-won" and not a self-lost. I just rushed... You know... Chess books... :-)
So, indeed you keep your books, and that was a too-easy of a bet!

Again you were right, yours is not exactely abusive. Just corrosive, ok. And even funny, I can agree. I should have used the singular "comment". I was also a little pissed by the idea that maybe some abusive people might amuse themselves abusing some guy that most probably wouldn't stand a chance to defend himself, because in fact normaly I wouldn't even enter the article, but alas!, by mere accident I did get such a chance.

As for the "repeating" acusation, OK but, as I once answer "Thomas", it's a dirty job, but someone has got to do it! And again OK, why not, it can also be laughable!

A good day 4u2.

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And also for you:
In fact, I think I NEVER EVER WHEREVER wrote the expression "London Chess Fraud". I could, but I didn't. (Please check it out!)
It's almost certain that YOU were the only one to write it in Chessvibes! ;-)

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(of course)

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I like ironic commenting at times, but I very rarely write seriously abusive or even demeaning (which is kind of a sport for many people) comments on the Net because they lead nowhere.

Haha, now I am noticing the absurd notion myself- I give away all my chess books if I WIN my bet? Quite self-destructive. I will think it through better next time...

You wrote "London Classic Fraud", so I misquoted a bit.
And talking about dirty jobs, there is also always the need for a jester who makes jokes about you when you are getting repetitive or annoying! So be thankful. ;)
Don't worry, I won't repost it all over, something tells me I should have better things to do. ;)

Back to chess now. :)
Sorry to all the folks who had to endure this off-topic. So it goes.

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Glad and thankful the abusers are a tiny minority! And sorry for taking you wrongly. Looking forward for next interesting bets! ;-)

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For some reason the videos are a mess at least on my comp

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Actually that whole media stuff was similar to what has been done in St. Louis, so maybe one should say the guys there set the standard ;)

Due to the excellent live coverage I also followed that event live (like the US championships in St. Louis ;) ), so thumbs up for the guys who invest a lot of time to make that stuff possible.

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London Chess Classic for setting a new standard for tournament coverage!!!!!!!!
Every tournament should look like this, it's great! Very good job guys!!!

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(Shouts and boards in a demonstration:)

Reggio! Reggio!
Moro! Moro!
Real and unsold chess! Real and unsold chess!

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It's true, the coverage was superb, but I hope that the scoring system will be normalized next year. Luke had the most consistent high level performance, which is not to say that I think he should have been clear first, but rather that he should have been rewarded by splitting a point for his two difficult draws.

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EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks!

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