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Introducing: Amsterdam Chess Cafe Laurierboom (video)

LaurierboomIf you're visiting Amsterdam in the near future, don't forget to drop by at Laurierstraat 76, in the Jordaan area, close to the Anne Frank House. It's currently the best place to play a friendly game of chess, with excellent background music (mostly rock and jazz), a beer beside the board and, yes, it's still possible there: to smoke a cigarette. A video report on the cafe, and the 64-player Knockout Tournament it's hosting this spring.

By coincidence, both me (Peter Doggers) and co-editor Arne Moll will be playing our first round tonight at the Laurierboom. So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, do come along!


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


ChessGirl's picture

Cool!!! And the background rock+jazz is a very big plus :)

thegreatbakker's picture

Very nice movie about a chess bar. Love the rock sound in it as well. Wish you guys good luck in the tournement.

hans dampf's picture

ah so cool. Great bar
I will drop by after spring break :)

The Closet Grandmaster's picture

That brings back nice memories for me! I was there in '07 -


Arne Moll's picture

Actually, it's my second round already, Peter! :-)

patzerboy's picture

Is this a different place to the place in the Jordaan where there were pictures of the polgars? I heard the old guy died and the cafe closed there.

Peter Doggers's picture

Yes. That one was called Gambit - Gerard mentions it in the video. The chess sets and pictures also moved to the Laurierboom!

Buri's picture

I wish we had places like this over here in Canada :(

patzerboy's picture

That's great Peter I played at Gambit while visiting Amsterdam as a tourist, with the very same chess sets in the video. Nice place, good to see the tradition has carried on.

CAL|Daniel's picture

good luck in the tourney peter!

Erik's picture

Buitengewoon toevallig, daarom reageer ik nu toch even.

Ik zocht afgelopen weekend een leuke club om lid van te worden, en ik kwam uit bij de Laurierboom. Aan de website en hun programma te zien zijn ze erg actief, zowel 'IRL' als op het net. Ik ben daar dus zeker te verwachten in de nabije toekomst, om een kijkje te nemen, en om eens te kijken of ik na al die jaren nog steeds een beetje schaken kan...


PS Ik keek op:

Dan's picture

Buri, there is great coffeehouse chess in Vancouver. You're in the wrong city.

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