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Video: presentation new book on Fischer

Müller receives the first copyLast Tuesday, in the Max Euwe Centre in Amsterdam, publisher Hanon W. Russell and author Karsten Müller officially presented their brand new book on Fischer: Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion. ChessVibes was there to film the presentation and ask the author a few questions.

Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess ChampionBobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion is a brand new, one-volume collection of Fischer's official match and tournament games. All (yes, all) of these games were annotated by the author Karsten Müller, the German grandmaster who is famous for books such as Fundamental Chess Endings and How to Play Chess Endgames (with Wolfgang Pajeken), as well as his column at ChessCafe.

European distributor New in Chess invited both the authour and the publisher, Hanon W. Russell of Russell Enterprises, to hold the official presentation in the Max Euwe Centre in Amsterdam. The crème de la crème of Dutch chess was there, including GMs Jan Timman, Hans Ree, Genna Sosonko and Yasser Seirawan. ChessVibes was invited too, and I created the following video in which Karsten Müller and Hanon Russell tell about the book - which of course we will soon review here as well.

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As unofficial games are missing from the book its titel "The Career and Complete Games ..." is faulty. It should be "The Complete Tournament and Match Games ...". A fraudulent labeling!

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Karsten rulez, great video! I'm so curious about the book!!

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Specifically, Dennis Monokroussos on Chessmind wrote:
"The only omission that bothered me was the failure to include his blitz games from Herceg-Novi in 1970 and the Manhattan Chess Club in 1971."
- in an otherwise positive review, concluding
"Unless you have a principled objection to buying a book on Fischer because of his crazy (or worse) political/ethnic views, I'd highly recommend its purchase."

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I believe the 1970s book included some games which weren't regular tournament games (like offhand, simultaneous or blitz).

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I thought that "crème de la crème of Dutch chess" was playing today in Novi Sad. Apparently I am wrong.

By the way, I possess the book published in the 70-ies with the complete collected games of Fischer until then. In that "old" book 748 games are published, while this new book "only" has 736 games. Can anyone tell me how this is possible?

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Please forgive my ignorance. But i have complete games of Fischer fully annotated by great World Champions in 3 edition. This book is i think written by Soloviov. And there are Wch contributors. Am i wrong? What is new about that? I really wonder if those games fully annotated from Fischers childhool to last days was not sufficient...

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I have the "Games of Robert J Fischer" by Wade. I think that includes all games (except of course the 1992 match, because the book predates that match). Wondering if getting this new book is worth it for me.

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I have the same book, Bruce. What I like about that book is the many texts about Bobby's career, uncluding stuff by Paul Keres. The most important games are analysed as well. If you're interested in seeing light annotations to ALL games, you could consider getting this new one as well. But honestly speaking I don't think this book is a must for people who have Wade & O'Connell and M60MG already; the main audience I think is the new generation.

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