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Some videos of the Tal Memorial Blitz

Videos of the Tal Memorial World Blitz ChUnfortunately we couldn't be there with our own cameras, but we've noticed that quite a number of videos of the World Blitz Championship have already been posted on YouTube. We present a selection of them, which give a good picture of the atmosphere in the Main Department Store GUM on Red Square, Moscow.

Start of a round


(Videos by Eugene Potemkin)




(Videos by Sergey Sorokhtin)

More videos, but of lower quality, are to be found here. Do share links in the comments, if you know more.


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


adam's picture

moro is brutal :)
chessvibes, thanks very much for the nice coverage of both these prestigious tournaments. you clearly became the best chess site out there
kramnik, carlsen - congrats, watching your performances makes me a happy enthusiast

sulotas's picture

Actually, the last link that you provide should be:

Your link is totally irrelevant to chess :-)

hortensius's picture

Mamedyarov-Ivanchuk!! I love it, especially wen Ivanchuk promotes his pawn, and doen't exchange it for a Queen. And then his face after the game! Hilarious...

jmd85146's picture

Ivanchuk apparently wasn't to happy with his game against Mamedyarov :)

Felix Kling's picture

Hehe, I'm sure Peter would have done better videos, but let's be happy with those "amateurish" recordings :)

Arne Moll's picture

Great videos but what's up with the guy shooting it? All this zooming and clicking makes it a real drag to watch!

Pablo's picture

Worth watching is Carlsen's relief face when he won the game against Grischuk. Overreacting a little, is a one million face. Once you made a good job, a tremendous ending after tremendous pressure, one second of great, great relief is pretty good!!

Sam's picture

Why wasn't Nakamura invited to this blitz tournament? Isn't he one of the best blitz players in the world???

Poek's picture

Heh, the Ivanchuk-video is indeed funny. Mamedyarov even helps him, but he is so confused...

Martin's picture

Smallville wouldn't do to well. Not easy to flag your opponents in a R vs. R ending when there is a 2 seconds increment.

Zeblakov's picture

Believe it or not; Carlsen (with white) missed a mat in 3 againt Grishuk !!!!

Jonas's picture

As always Ivanchuck is hilarious, he left pawn on 8th rank :D

Bentje's picture

Its carlsens overall attitude wich is one of a winner. Look at the pairings (first vid) and all the players are stressed and keep watching and thinking oh shit.... Aronian and Carlsen just face it relaxed and go to work :-)

Thats why Aronian reached the top and Carlsen IS the top.

tan's picture

Nakamura was invited.

jazzkoo's picture

interesting that they use mechanically activated clocks. They seem much slower to me. Perhaps they are more definite?

Muadhib's picture


What kind of different clocks should have been used???

test's picture

I think what jazzkoo means is; why do they still have to push the buttons on the clock when the board is registering the moves and could also stop/start the time on each move.

Muadhib's picture

Because the move is only complete when the player pushes the clock and no earlier. And the time when a player has a move is related to lots of things, like draw claims, draw offers, illegal moves, etc.

test's picture

Yes, I don't think that idea will ever happen due to a variety of reasons, like the rules would have to be amended to say: move is made when you release the piece. But at first view it does not look like this is theoretically impossible. The clock would still have stop/pauze button for example.

test's picture

edit: Main problem of course would be that currently the boards are not accurate and fast enough to keep up with blitz time scrambles. Many game-scores from this event are incomplete.

Muadhib's picture

I don't know of any tournament that would use any kind of other clocks that were used here. So the wondering "how come they used such clocks" is ridicolous.

Seth's picture

I'm mad. How exactly did Mame know that Chucky didn't promote his pawn to a pawn?


Mauricio Valdes's picture

Karjakin is playing for the Ukraine still...wasn´t he going to play for Russia?
Am I wrong?
Can anybody confirm?

jazzkoo's picture

@ Muadhib, @ test etc... what i was referring to are the clocks (like mine) that have the metal pads that register the heat from your finger (or something like that) and don't have an actual 'push" button. they move so much quicker. Seems to me even as much as 1/2 second although that seems hard to believe. It seems like I must allow much more time for those silly king chases at the end of won endgames in blitz when i am playing with the mechanical type.......on the rare occasians that i am winning that is.. ;-)

Muadhib's picture

Karjakin is still playing for Ukraine. There is no entry yet for him changing the federation on the FIDE site (under transfers).I guess he will change after World Cup.

Besides even if he would already change, he would still have to play under Ukrainian flaf in FIDE events (10 months have to pass). For example, Sokolov changed back to his native Bosnian federation in April, but he still has to play this World Cup under the Dutch flag.

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