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[lang_nl]Kasparov op tv[/lang_nl][lang_en]Kasparov on Dutch tv[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Gisteravond was Garry Kasparov 2,5 uur op de Nederlandse tv in het programma Wintergasten. Je kunt het nog steeds bekijken en wel hier.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Yesterday night, Garry Kasparov was the (only) guest of a 2,5 hour television program on Dutch tv. You can still watch it here.[/lang_en]

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Author: Peter Doggers

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epitideios's picture

This link isnt working.Can anyone please give a valid one?Id like to watch it..

Thomas S's picture

Thanks for the link

If I got it right (I dont speak dutch), there will be another interview episode. If so, when will it be ? Would you please put the link in here again ?

peter's picture

On my PC it works in Opera and IE, but in Firefox I get the same Javascript message.

epitideios's picture

It says (with my little Dutch knowledge:)) your browser does not allow Javascript or sth like that.But my browser has active scripting enabled so I dont know where's the problem...Any ideas?(Btw,ive seen some other videos using this player so there's nothing wrong with it)

~~~~'s picture

Sometimes these things don't work outside the Netherlands...

forest's picture

it is working, perhaps try copy paste?

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Zeker de moeite van het kijken waard!

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