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"The most important endgame book ever?"

On the back cover of the recently published Practical Endgame Play you can read that this is "the most important endgame book ever published".

O yeah, you will think, bla bla.

But you know what? A recent review at ChessCafe of GM Glenn Flear's fat 544 pages book acknowledged: "they may very well be right"!

Flear has established that existing endgame books neglect a very important area. Surprisingly many games result in endings with more than one piece on each side, much more frequent than, for example, pure pawn or rook endings.

Flear has assembled almost a thousand practical examples of these, what he calls, "nuckies" (from NQE - Not Quite Endgames): positions where at least one of the players has two pieces left on the board.

The ChessCafe reviewer, Derek Grimmel, gave the 3 best points as follows:
1. Anyone who studies Flear's book "will end up a substantially stronger player in about half of all serious games she or he plays".
2. It is very entertaining (as entertaining as our own Endgame Tactics)
3. It is a display case of the greatest endgame players in history.

So there you have it. We invite you to take a look at Glenn Flear's outstanding book.


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