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[lang_nl]Bobby Fischer bij Dick Cavett[/lang_nl][lang_en]Bobby Fischer on the Dick Cavett Show[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Niet te missen:[/lang_nl][lang_en]Not to be missed:[/lang_en]

Was it only a game?

Now also on YouTube:


(Thanks to Adam Smith)


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Vassily, you?Ǭ¥re completly correct!

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Uh! Great! In the Youtube:
"Appearing on The Dick Cavett Show in the summer of 1971, Mr Fischer shares his various views about chess. "

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I don't think Fischer was ever a raving lunetic,even till his last moments.
It's easy to dismiss one as crazy when he goes against the current.
I by no means say that I share his views, but in a democracy even extreme views are accepted to see the light.Supporting such views may turn you into a controversial figure, but does not imply that you are mentally ill, unless that has been psychiatrically proven.
There are political parties with extreme views but we do not dismiss their leaders as raving lunetics.Take for example Lepin,in France.His views about society I would describe as even dangerous, but a lot of Frenchmen disagree with me.
If Fischer was backed up with some sort of organisation like Lepin's party, noone would describe him as a crazy person.But he was just a lonely, wounded genius.
I think Fischer's views could be described as bitterness towards people who might have been unjust to him or taken advantage of him in the course of his turbulent life.The fact that most of them belonged to the same ethnic group might have made him furious, and even led to exaggerated statements.
In life, everything is a matter of brute power as much as is in the chess game.
When his heavily criticizing views about the Russians were suiting the American cause, noone said he was a lunetic.
Therefore, I don't think we should defame Fischer in such a disgraceful way.
The most appropriate thing to say is that he had some views contradicting to what the majority of people think.
And we should not forget that although violence is not to be praised, violent acts will almost always be paid back in a violent manner.This is the law of nature.
All superpowers condemn such acts against themselves but proceed to pursue their interests by taking advantage of weak and poorer nations.
Big fish swallows little one,isn't it?

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Thank you very much for the link to the video with Fischer! I really hope that this video and the other 9 minute clip (and more clips?) from the same talk show with Bobby Fischer can be available on any time soon! Perhaps ChessVibes can upload it to youtube?

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Absolutely compulsory stuff for anyone interested in Fischer.

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I agree 100% with Vassily.

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Fischer was not mentaly ill becuase he hated America or the Jews. He was mentaly ill because he clearly suffered from extreme paranoia (which is a likely sign that he suffered from schizophrenia) and this manifested itself in his hatred for America and the Jews, and his pathological need for privacy.

I would make the argument that calling Fischer crazy is in fact showing great respect for him - that is, giving him allowance for saying the things that he did, and behaving the way that he did, becuase he was in such a mental state that he cannot be considered responsible, unlike, say, Lepin.

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Robin Lindsay said: "He was mentaly ill because he clearly suffered from extreme paranoia (which is a likely sign that he suffered from schizophrenia) and this manifested itself in his hatred for America and the Jews "

So you saying the facts he stand his word never existed? I think he was very well informed and had an exceptional skill of reading between lines with incredible logical deductive "speculations "

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