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[lang_nl]Seksspeelgoed onderbreekt speech Kasparov[/lang_nl][lang_en]Sex toy interrupts Kasparov speech[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Nadat gisteren iemand tegen mij zei dat de schaakberichtgeving wel wat meer humor kan gebruiken, stuitte ik op het volgende bericht: 'Seksspeelgoed onderbreekt speech Kasparov'. We hebben de video van dit hilarische moment.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Last night somebody said to me: "I'd like to see more humor in chess reporting." And then, this morning I came across the following item: "Sex toy interrupts Kasparov speech." We have the video of this hilarious moment.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl] "Controversial Chess Champion Gary Kasparov is interrupted during a speech by a helicopter made out of a sex toy. His security was not amused."[/lang_nl][lang_en] "Controversial Chess Champion Gary Kasparov is interrupted during a speech by a helicopter made out of a sex toy. His security was not amused."[/lang_en]

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oh my god it?Ǭ¥s so funny!!!

well, when the sex toy comes flying someone from the public says "The Kremlin showed its real face!" and Kasparov answers "I would be scared to find out that this is the Kremlin?Ǭ¥s real face"

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My guess is Daniel thinks it was all prepared by Kaspy & co. However, in that case it wouldn?Ǭ¥t be sad for me, it would be even funnier. I can imagine Kasparov planning: "So, when I say ?ê¬ø?ë‚Ǩ?ê¬??ê¬??ê¬??ꬪ?ê¬æ, you send the flying dick into the room" hahaha.

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I can imagine Kasparov planning it like this: "When I say 'I will reveal to you the true face of the Kremlin', you send it in."

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CNN reported one of Kasparov's quips being something along the lines of the opponent's argument being "below the belt."

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I don't understand what Gary is saying but this just confirms that great men have to endure dirty things in their quest. I think not many people realize that he was much comfortable doing nothing for his country and enjoying his wealth. But instead he has chosen different. The price is high and the revenue might be his own life and I'm sure he realizes this. No prophet has been welcomed in his country ... how true it is.

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Translation, please!

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Maybe that sex toy represents all the men Kasparov castrated over the chess board.

daniel's picture

How sad to see there is no one understanding what is happening. Fun? You people have no common sense.

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daniel: But you are only one, so you are wrong and we are right ;) Seriously though, explain how a helicopter-dildo is not hilarious.

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