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World Championship: Anand wins game three with Black

Kramnik-Anand, Game 3, 0-1Update: video added.
Viswanathan Anand has taken the lead in the 2008 World Championship Match. He defeated Vladimir Kramnik in a great, but very complicated struggle that lasted 41 moves.

The third day in Bonn was a great day in Bonn. Actually it was a great day for any chess fan around the world, and just a tiny bit more for Anand fans. With the black pieces the reigning world champion defeated challenger Vladimir Kramnik in a Meran Semi-Slav, after coming up with a very interesting and virtually new pawn sacrifice.

Kramnik's reaction to Anand's top-notch preparation was superb as well: instead of getting his own king under fire, the Russian decided to go for a promising piece "sacrifice" that yielded White three pawns and what looked like a strong attack on top of that.

But then it was Anand's turn again. With some accurate moves he managed to manoever his king into safety and return the piece under favourable circumstances. Suddenly it was Black who had the initiative again, and to this second wave of pressure Kramnik finally succumbed. With about six minutes for eight moves, he made the decisive mistake afer which Anand went for a long but forced line that led to a win. That he missed a much quicker win there was not important.


Even the weather was great today, but still, the spectators would soon realize that they had made a wise choice...

kunsthalle02 go inside the Kunsthalle, becausethey'd soon be watching a great show


The actors on stage: Vladimir Kramnik & Viswanathan Anand


Not Exchange Slav this time...

kramnik, a main line Meran Semi-Slav...


...after many complications eventually won by Anand, just after the first time control

Here's the third game of the match. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

Name Nat. Rtg
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

Here's our playlist of videos:


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val's picture

Exactly! And it's pretty annoying.

Damian's picture

At Sasile: Pls can someone tell me why everyone supports Anand?

Actually, it appears to be reasonably well-split between the two. Both Anand and Kramnik are true gentlemen. Interesting, funny, reasonably modest. Neither one is known for boasting. Both are far, far from Bobby Fischer's childish ranting, Alekhine's drunken anti-semitism, and other antisocial conditions that have plagued the world of chess champions. Both of these men show class and composure, and both have beautiful and interesting wives as well.

Why a preference for Anand? Perhaps because we have already had way too many Russian world champions whose names start with K..... ;)

VB's picture

tommorow could be another tough day for Kramnik. We will see...

C. Springs's picture

Great game by Anand. Look forward to seeing the press conference.

Btw, it is "phase" not 'fase." :)

Theo's picture

Anand won game 3!?!?!!!?
WITH BLACK??!!?!!!


i wanna see that game!!!! post it please!

semipatz's picture

Sensational, swashbuckling game!! First Kramnik sacs two pieces to open up Vishy's King. Vishy sacs them right back and opens up Kramnik's King. Kramnik is two pawns up, but Vishy gets a huge attack and wipes him off the board! Whew!!

peter's picture

For now you can replay the game at our live page.

Rodgie's picture

Congratulations Vishy for a wonderful game!!you are truly a great champion this is the perfect time to tell all the chessplayers in the world that youre not only the best speed chess player in the world but also a great classical and match ply player too!!God Bless and More Power!!

Rodgie San Luis and your millions of fans in the Philippines!!

arne's picture

Pretty cool game!

Amit's picture

So, what's Anand's new "Live Rating" after game 3 !? Hmm...

Dr. Wolfgang Berghorn's picture

Congratulations and applause for both of the players for their tense battle on the board! Great game and important victory of Vishy Anand with the black pieces. From today on the WCC-match is really under way. It will be extremely exciting to see how Vladimir Kramnik is trying to bounce back! FOIDOS and CHESSVIBES will show it!

eric's picture

A fascinating game!

During the game I wondered whether 19.Rxd4 was a more straight-forward drawing possibility.

Also, both players missed forced mates after 33.Bd3??
a) ...Bxd3+ 34.Rxd3,Qc4+ 35.Kd2,Qc1#
b) ...Bxd3+ 34.Qxd3,Rg2+ 35.Kd1,Qg1+ and mate (35.Kc1,Qxb2+ 36.Kd1,Rg1+ and mate)

During the game 33.Kb3 looked like a better drawing possibility, but 33...Qd5+ looks winning.

A great game that promises much more for the remainder of the match!

Aljechins Cat's picture

A thriller. I wonder how deep Anands preparation has been (guess Heine did a lot of fun work here), since he played very fast for a long time. Surely will Anand attack again tomorrow, perhaps this time with 1.e4. How much time does Kramink need to recover and to strike back?

Sasile's picture

Congrat 2 both players esp 2 vishy. But 2 be sincere i would like kramnik 2 win. Praying 4 kram 4rm Nigeria

sundararajan ganesan's picture

at one time, with Kramnik's Nd4, It looked like (to me atleast) Kramnik is getting a great attack for the sacked piece. hence, to me vishy's win is a pleasing one.

Rubinstein's picture

Great game where Anands homeprep was to much for Big Vlad in the end.
Anand only started thinking after Kramnik played 19 Nxd4. (led to wild complications) 19. Rxd4 is proberly better for white, allthough also very complicated. Interesting to se if Anand will play e4 saturday. Kramnik do offcause not need to strike back right away and he will be more than happy with a draw in game 4.

Manu's picture

Lending crowns is the same as lending books , sometimes people just don?Ǭ¥t give them back. :) Go Vishy Go

Shiv Gaur's picture

Finally Anand breaks through with Black! What a game! Way to go Anand!

T.SrinivasaRaghavan's picture

i think kramnik erred by playing 29.ra3 (rd1 was better).From then on Anand got a slight advantage of over 1.4 eventhough two pawns down.Moreover kramnik's 33.bd3 was even a great mistake.He could have played 33.kb3 the best move under the circumstances.Thereafter Anand beautifully converted this into a fine win with black to go 1-0 up. This win should not go into his head and he must maintain pressure by playing possitively and calmly.

Sasile's picture

Hi 2 every1 in d house. Pls can someone tell me why everyone supports Anad. Secondly, Anad & kramk who is more arrogant & boost more

Dr. R. R. Ayyar's picture

I think Kramnik had a win by 24 Qd7+ Kh6 25Bd3(threat..Qh7+)f5 26Re1 (threatens RxP + and wins)

Pure Logic's picture

Hey! Where's the press-conference video? Please, please, please upload it quickly! I'm interested to see their body language - I'm expecting a little swagger transfer from Kramnik to Anand.

SR's picture

Dr. Ayyar. if 24 Qd7+ Kh6 Bd3 Anand can simply play 26 Qc7. No mate. Qxc7 then Bxc7 and black is piece up thats it.

Christos (Greece)'s picture

@burgerman Kramnik resigned because
a)42.Ka1? Bc2+ 43.Ka2 Qb1#
b)42.Kb3 Qxf3+ 43.Kb4 Qxf4+ 44.K(anywhere) Be4 45.a8=Q Bxa8 46.Rxa8 is hopeless

Daaim Shabazz's picture

Not sure why people marvel over wins with black. There are tremendous resources for black in chess and we have not even scratched the surface of possibilities.

Jack's picture

May be Kramnik should fire Leko now as he doesn't need Leko's 1.e4 expertise since Anand is not likely to play it.

Jon's picture

Are you not allowed to post the video of the pressconferences on the day you tape them ?

test's picture

Kramnik will only have 1 white in his next 4 games, not good if you are trailing the match.
I don't understand the need to switch the alternation of colors in the middle of the match.

Jeroen's picture

Very nice game, which makes up for the disappointing draw in game 2.

16.Rd1! seems the strongest move, as 16.Nxd4 (given in the analysis) can be answered by 16... Qxd4! 17.Rd1 Bxh2+! 18.Kxh2 Qh4+ 19.Kg1 Bxg2!! and I can imagine Kramnik didn't want to enter the position after 20.Bxd7+ Ke7 21.Kxg2 Rhg8+ 22.Kf3 Qh5+ 24.Kd2 Rad8, which was obviously prepared by Anand. It seems this leads to a forced draw, though.

Jeroen's picture

Correction: 23.Ke3 Qc5+ has to be added to the line I gave.

Frits Fritschy's picture

Well, Ricardo, we disagree. Take Leko, "a gentleman. Interesting, funny, reasonably modest. Not known for boasting" ... "with a beautiful and interesting wife". I have trouble remembering any of his games. That's quite different with Alekhine's or Fischer's. I don't mind Damian is giving irrelevant details about the people he likes and I won't deny that Fischer and Alekhine are complex figures who said/wrote horrible things, but Damian is implying that chess would do better without them ("have plagued the world of chess champions").
Chess needs its colourful players, I hope we can agree on that.

Katata's picture

I was very nervous when Kramnik played the poor 18.Bf4, however I was expecting the aggresive 18.Nd2, that leads to a spectacular queen sacrifice for White in some variations. The hole game is very rich and requires deep analysis. Live commentries by GMs provides (with the help of computers) juste starting ideas.

Some friends told me that Kramnik poluated the chess scene in 2000 with his Berlin defense and these days he is forced to play sharp double edged positions where he feels unfamiliar (for this reason he avoid the sicilian with both black and white).

I am intending for Anand-Topalov in 2009.

arne's picture

Katata, how can you call a move like Bf4 'poor'? Perhaps it's not entirely correct, but it's certainly daring and interesting. If you've only been looking at the evaluation of your engine, then you have missed a fanstastic battle between two great humans!

Aljechins Cat's picture

Thank you Frits for stating that. Modern chess stands on the shoulders of entrepreneurs as Alekhine and Fisher both in the sportative and in the commercial sense. On the board, chess before the Alekhine area was rather a gentlemens?Ǭ¥ play (cheerful, flat and boring), before Fisher the sport was kind of moscow bureaucracy. Both of them were groundbreaking in their ideas of how to play (I always remember that when playing -Sh5 in a Pirc, Kings?Ǭ¥ Indian or Benoni).Their behaviour was awful and they both suffered the most from that.
But I have to confess that I prefer a little bit Kasparov horror both on and off the board to a whole Leko-Match today.

Pedro Pinto's picture

it's a shame that after almost 20 hours of the end of the game there is still no video report. this doesn't look like 2008.

i remember the corus reports were much faster

i suppose it's not chessvibes fault since i cannot find it anywhere else... still it's a shame.

Pankaj's picture

It claims video has been added but I do not see it!

Frans's picture

Beetje slecht geluid Peter. Microfoons niet goed afgesteld? Lijkt wel of het weerklinkt in de zaal ofzo.

Dr. R. R. Ayyar's picture

Probably Anand could have played 22.......Bxg323hxg3 (Not 23Qh7 Qxf2 and mates)h5 threat Rxg3+, and white has nothing better than 24Qd6+Qxd625Rxd6hxg 26fxg Rxg3+ 27Kf1 Bd5 28 a4 Rb3! and black wins. Any error in this line??

DJGutan's picture

It is a SERP trick. Same as yesterday. It says video added without it being available. Everything to please the search engine algos apparently.

DJmixnix's picture

LOL@DJGutan.. I am watching it now.. so fear you're computer capabilities are lacking!

Macarel's picture

can't see the video either...

Frans's picture

It was available, but apparently, it has been removed.

peter's picture

don't understand, it's fine here

TheSwede's picture

Seems to be a browser issue. The video appears on the list when using Firefox, but not when using Opera (!)

peter's picture

Here in the press room someone with IE didn't get the whole video player at all. But after F5 / Ctrl-F5 everything was fine, so please try that.

Damian's picture

Quoting one of my favorite gentleman chess players, the many-time Colorado Champion Randy Canney: "Half of the world champions have been mentally ill egomaniacs." This doesn't mean that their chess isn't incredible and inspiring. I started playing because of Fischer and am always dazzled by his games. I was simply attempting to answer Sasile's question of whether Anand or Kramnik is the more arrogant player. Neither comes across that way to me. We are in a new era, where the best chess players in the world can also be warm, genuine human beings. Life is good.

nep's picture

The game replay is broken, from a certain point it displays some variation, not the game.

nep's picture

ok, now that I've submitted the comment, it is playing the game just fine.

Pedro's picture

espectacular partida.
gran preparacion de anand en la apertura que le ha quitado tiempo a su rival, el cual se ha defendido bien pero la falta de tiempo creo que fue decisiva en el final de la partida con las imprecisiones de kramnik

Simon GRIVET's picture


I'm surprised you coin 18. Bf4 a "fantastic move" for both Rybka & Fritz feel it already bad...they both like the rook move better...

Amazing game anyway,



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