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World Championship: 7th game drawn

Kramnik-Anand, Game 7Update: video added.
The second half of the Anand-Kramnik World Championship match has started with a draw in 37 moves. Playing the white pieces again, Anand got a slight advantage in an ending but by sacrificing a pawn Kramnik forced a liquidation to a drawn pawn ending. It's 5-2 for Anand now.

Today Kramnik finally managed to surprise his opponent in the opening a little, but just a little. The Russian deviated from previous games already at move one, by going for 1...d5, but it didn't really get him any closer to getting some winning chances; Anand just played too solid today. Perhaps even a bit too solid, because the Indian might have missed a study-like win in the ending today - as GM Erwin L'Ami informed us. It needs to be checked.

Yet again Kramnik's team couldn't convince us as far as the opening preparation is concerned: following the first rapid playoff game from his match against Topalov, he deviated with 15...Bg6 but just a few moves later he was looking at a position where White was just slightly better and not even close to getting into trouble. A Benoni or a Leningrad Dutch were suggestions I've seen online for getting practical chances with Black...

Realizing this wasn't going to be his day, Kramnik accompanied his queen exchange with a draw offer, but there he actually overestimated his position: he had not yet fully equalized yet, as Anand showed in the next few moves. The challenger needed some accurate moves to prove that it was indeed a draw - and this time he did find them.

So now there are five games left, with three White games for Kramnik. It's safe to say that tomorrow is the moment of truth: if he hadn't retained his title yet, Anand will do it tomorrow if he doesn't lose. A first win for Kramnik might unsettle the Indian to some extend, and who knows how he will react. Nobody really believes in Kramnik's chances anymore (including Anatoli Karpov and Evgeny Bareev, who arrived in Bonn today) but if he wins tomorrow, anything can happen! As always, you'll be able to watch the game live here at ChessVibes.


The players are back on stage for the second half, which might not last six games


Because the colours were changed, Vladimir Kramnik had to play with the black pieces again


Following a game from the Topalov-Kramnik match, Anand got a slightly better ending?¢‚Ǩ¬¶


...but went for "safety first" and decided to make if a comfortable draw

Here's the 7th match game:

Match score:

Name Nat. Rtg
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

Here's our playlist of videos. If the game 7 video doesn't show, please try removing your temporary internet files, and then (Ctrl-)F5.


(Note that the comments below this article started during our live coverage of the game)

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Ash's picture

it is not a mess but leads to B vs N endgame. All depends on the evaluation of this. The plan would be brilliant if B>>>N in this position.

Katata's picture

To Ole, moreover the draw offer on move Qxe3 would be a big insult to Chess

Ash's picture

i can understand kramnik. he needs much time to prepare sth to try to fight back with the white pieces. Anand can play on in a slightly better position - and even if it is only to not give kramnik this preparing time

Ash's picture

Nc5 looks like threat to me. Does white have to prvent this by playing b4? What do the engines say?

Sander's picture

Ole, I don't think it's a crime if Kramnik really offered a draw after Qxe3.
The position isn't clearly better for one of them, and a draw would suit both Anand, (leading 3+) and Kramnik (hoping for the next white game).

But fortunately yes, Anand showed good sprit by refusing the offer!

Mike's picture

After 10. e4, why not BxN and Nxe4?

Ash's picture

Rc4 seems not completly clear to me. RxRc4 and the plan Kd2-c3-d4 and avoiding the black king to enter with Kf5 should be better for white IMHO

Katata's picture

Shredder 11

+?� (+0.30) 16/16 28.e4 (1/41) 211 kn/s
To Ash My shredder sugges
28.e4 Nc5 29.Bxc5 bxc5 30.exd5 exd5 31.Kd3 a5 32.g4 Rxe5 33.Rxc5 Rxc5
+?� (+0.30) 1:45 15/33 SB:4

28.Rfd1 Nc5 29.Bxc5 bxc5 30.Rc3 Rf8 31.Rdc1 Rb8 32.Rxc5 Rxb3 33.Rc6 Rb2+ 34.Kd3 Re8
= (0.00) 2:32 15/37 SB:6

28.b4 Rc4 29.Rxc4 dxc4 30.Kd2 a6 31.Kc3 b5 32.a5 Rh8 33.e4 Rh4 34.Kd4
= (-0.01) 1:55 15/33 SB:4

28.Kd2 Nc5 29.Bxc5 bxc5 30.e4 d4 31.Kd3 Rh8 32.Kc4 Rhd8 33.Rcd1 Rh8 34.Kb5 Rh4 35.Rc

Ash's picture

thank you katata :-)

Frits Fritschy's picture

Your variations are quite interesting but, alas, not possible. Check the position you fed on Shredder.

Ash's picture

i think now ...a6 32.b5 axb5 33.axb5 will happen where 33 ...Nc5 is bad because of 34.Rxc4 and 35.BxNc5

Do I miss sth?

Sander's picture

It seems to me Anands position has improved substantially.
E.g. 31. ..a6!? 32.b5! Than closing the position by 32. ..a5?! would mean pawn c4 becomes a serious target. And not playing 32. ..a5!? will open lines that are in favour of white.

Andy's picture

Looks drawish already...

Katata's picture

to Andy,
f7-f6 would allow Black to creatye a pawn majority in the center ... some technical effort is required by both players ...
Boby Fisher played absolutaly equal positions until move 100

Ash's picture

i also prefer white?Ǭ¥s side and the bishop on a3 is much more valuable than the poor knight searching for a place. maybe Kramnik will play b5 now and than after Ba3 Qa5

Katata's picture

Dear jonas, at least Kramnik's behaviour would distirb Anand.
If you read Krougious Book: ''psychology in chess", you feel that a phenomenal concentration is required, ... even the player is not allowed to leave his chair!!! A bottle of water has been broken in some tournement and all the players where asking what heppened ... only one player did not hear the noise of the broken bottle.
Such hight degree of concentration is rare these days.

Katata's picture

Ba3 would be answerd by Qc3!!!

Ash's picture

Qc3 would lose the queen in my variation with the previous b5...

suneet's picture

why chessvibes not updating... poor.

chessdom was showing a totally different game with c4 :P

game looks equal


Bharat's picture

I dont understand some of these modern lines (a4?? for white) but after black takes the Knight, Bd3 looks like a total draw

Bharat's picture

oops I meand Be3

ajay's picture

Boys and girls, Kramnik is fighting...and that g5 sure looks interesting!

Ash's picture

what do the engines say?

Katata's picture

Now I guess that Kramnik can force a draw if he plays 24)..fxe5 ..... A great simplification of the position will happen ...

Debashish's picture

why chessvibes is not updating?¢‚Ǩ¬¶ can anybody tell me where to get the live action??

Katata's picture

Dear ash.
My shredder says that the position is equal 0.08 to white and it prefers 24) ...Ke7 (exactely what Kramnik played) than 24) ... fxe5

Chaital's picture

I am waiting for the video for the round 7 press conference.

adriano's picture

We are watching Anand Kramnik, but everyone began to speak about Topalov, why the answer is simple. Because u know who is the strongest. Why don t u answer to a simple question - about the game of Kramnik. Why he is so weak, can u guess. Because the toilets in Germany are much different from Elista, without calbles.
To the man of Greece.
First could u tell me the name of ONE GREEK chess player??????????NONE
Topalov doesnt have a special privileges, he challenged Kramnik to rematch according the rules, but FIDE refused, why because bank guaranties that is silly. After that he was not allowed to play in Mexico and u are talking about privileges.
Last mount he smashed Anand and other strongest players and won the tournament in Bilbao but u said that he shoudnt play in this cycle.
When Greece has such player than u may talk about Topalov!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash's picture

if the rook-less endgame is better for white after winning the c pawn than 28... Rc4 was the mistake in my opinion

Frits Fritschy's picture

In danger of writing something stupid again, what about 31... b5 32 axb5 Nb6 to activate the knight? For instance 33 Ra1 Nd5 34 Rxa7? c3 35 Kd1 c2+ 36 Kc1 Nc3! or 33 e4 Na4 followed by c3.

goldaxe's picture

adriano this comment is out of order. The guy is entiled to have an opinion and the strength of Greek players has nothing to do with this at all

bhabatosh's picture

@adriano - if u understand chess u would understand why Anand lost matches in Bilbao. Because he was preparing for wc AND DOES not wanted to show any of his preparation and he just played through his games. probabaly he just wanted to draw all his matches. Anyway , personally I dont see any problem in it. Anand and
Kramnik playing for World championship at this moment , we are not bothered what happened in XYZ tournaments like Bilbao , Madrid , NY , Paris that .....
It will be either Anand or Kramnik who will be Champion ... I want see Anand as WC again .....
no Topalov at this point. First play with Kamsky to qualify for the challenge. Find out how you will accuse Kamsky this time if you loose :-)

Manu's picture

I was about to write something similar , thx adriano!
Anyway, i hope tomorrow Kramnik starts his comeback in this match , because its getting really boring.
Another thing that i didn?Ǭ¥t understand is Kramnik offering draw in this game, although he was surely right about the position it sounds weird.
Maybe he is sure about winning in the next games, which makes me ask :Why is that?
What makes a guy so sure about winning 3 games out of 5 against Anand?
I had 1 or 2 crazy conspiracy theorys in mind , i hope Vishy?Ǭ¥s camp stay alert the next days.

bhabatosh's picture

I am viewing this website through google translator... I cannt view this page from office :-( when posting something it gets translated !!!! and everything gets screwed up.. looks like I cannt write a sentence proparly ......sorry for this... :-(

adriano's picture

dear bhabatosh
How Topalov could to play with Kamsky, when the FIDE wont allow that????
Almost a year they don t want to sign contracts with both players and to point where the match would be. U did n t say anything about Kramnik games????
Do u like it?????? I m sure u do not!!!!!!!!!!
What is the reason that he can not win just ONE game?????????
The reason is simple - the match is in Germany not in Elista.
His tactic is to run from opponents during long years and yo play boring drawish games. if u understand chess u would understand that.

bhabatosh's picture

Kramnik is just a brilliant player and true talent. I dont know why Kramnik did not won a single game.... I can notice only one thing at this point ..vishy is outstanding at this point..... I think I should give more credit to vishy rather than saying Kramnik is cheater .......... the way he accepts defeat (kramnik ) , is really admiring . It is a lesson for kids. they should not follow Topalov or Danilov.
it is disgrace. you loose then blame others. Accept defeat and find your mistakes.
I am a die hard fan of Vishy , but still admire Kramnik. I like Topalov's game but dont admire him ..he is just a another player for me.

Christos (Greece)'s picture

Kramnik was no 1 in the world in july 1996 when there were no strong computer programs. He always was in the top 3. His successes in the 90s were convincing.

Topalov always was 2690-2710 but suddenly his rating went up. There were players who thought Topalov was cheating in San Luis, but they told the organisers, they did not begin shouting and making libellous press releases. Maybe because Topalov is a cheater himself he suspects easily others of cheating. Let's not forget the crazy signals Danailov was caught making last year in Corus, standing on a place Topalov could see him and going in and out of the playing hall.

Furthermore, Topalov, in his book and also by keeping Danailov as his manager, shows that Danailov represents him fully and perfectly well. I am sorry for him, but he clearly is also nuts. He still thinks KGB was helping Kramnik.

Manu's picture

Yeah , being suspicious of KGB is really nuts.Thinking that russians wants the title so much that they would do anything to have it is clearly a strange idea.
And besides , what can they know about spionage?
Lets take a look at the players that complained about Topalovs behaviour in San Luis : Leko (same manager as Kramnik and current second) and Moro (russian player).
Even Svidler said that there was nothing strange in San Luis...
Oh Oh wait a minute , i was forgetting about GM Short who acused Topalov after being in the same table every day as an amulet.Not only that , he made a prepared scandal against Cheparinov when he refused to shake hands with him...
Yeah Topalov must be nuts...

Manu's picture

Kramnik will be remembered as the very strong champion who run from Kasparov & liked draws too much & claimed to be the strongest match player ever but lended his crown to a person who never gave it back to him.. :)

Manu's picture

I just saw the video of game seven and i have to say this:
The losing Kramnik is way more funny and humorous and friendly than the one who was in a hurry to watch the football games in Elista.

TrapArecev's picture

Nah Sander, it's three, but that's about it I guess...

Vinayak's picture

Im an amateur...but i feel kramnik has the edge nw...

suneet's picture

3rd one in!! :)

suneet's picture

aah.. 5th 6th.. maybe 7th one in :)

Sander's picture

Nice, this is 2 times played Topalov - Kramnik, WCC Elista

Vinayak's picture

Anand is playing for a draw.....

suneet's picture

kramnik has edge?!
avoid weed today vinayak!
just kidding ;) its about equal, I think anand will open his king side pawns!


Vinayak's picture
Sander's picture

This position also arised in the crazy 2nd match game Topalov-Kramnik when Topalov missed a mate in 2 and Kramnik eventually won.

dev's picture

chessvibes' game is not updating in my pc :-(


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