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World Championship: 7th game drawn

Kramnik-Anand, Game 7Update: video added.
The second half of the Anand-Kramnik World Championship match has started with a draw in 37 moves. Playing the white pieces again, Anand got a slight advantage in an ending but by sacrificing a pawn Kramnik forced a liquidation to a drawn pawn ending. It's 5-2 for Anand now.

Today Kramnik finally managed to surprise his opponent in the opening a little, but just a little. The Russian deviated from previous games already at move one, by going for 1...d5, but it didn't really get him any closer to getting some winning chances; Anand just played too solid today. Perhaps even a bit too solid, because the Indian might have missed a study-like win in the ending today - as GM Erwin L'Ami informed us. It needs to be checked.

Yet again Kramnik's team couldn't convince us as far as the opening preparation is concerned: following the first rapid playoff game from his match against Topalov, he deviated with 15...Bg6 but just a few moves later he was looking at a position where White was just slightly better and not even close to getting into trouble. A Benoni or a Leningrad Dutch were suggestions I've seen online for getting practical chances with Black...

Realizing this wasn't going to be his day, Kramnik accompanied his queen exchange with a draw offer, but there he actually overestimated his position: he had not yet fully equalized yet, as Anand showed in the next few moves. The challenger needed some accurate moves to prove that it was indeed a draw - and this time he did find them.

So now there are five games left, with three White games for Kramnik. It's safe to say that tomorrow is the moment of truth: if he hadn't retained his title yet, Anand will do it tomorrow if he doesn't lose. A first win for Kramnik might unsettle the Indian to some extend, and who knows how he will react. Nobody really believes in Kramnik's chances anymore (including Anatoli Karpov and Evgeny Bareev, who arrived in Bonn today) but if he wins tomorrow, anything can happen! As always, you'll be able to watch the game live here at ChessVibes.


The players are back on stage for the second half, which might not last six games


Because the colours were changed, Vladimir Kramnik had to play with the black pieces again


Following a game from the Topalov-Kramnik match, Anand got a slightly better ending?¢‚Ǩ¬¶


...but went for "safety first" and decided to make if a comfortable draw

Here's the 7th match game:

Match score:

Name Nat. Rtg
Anand IND 2783
Kramnik RUS 2772

Here's our playlist of videos. If the game 7 video doesn't show, please try removing your temporary internet files, and then (Ctrl-)F5.


(Note that the comments below this article started during our live coverage of the game)

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val's picture

@ Brian Wall The real Sarah wouldn''t tell chess from lotto :-}

arne's picture

It's funny how biased one can be. I thought Kramnik was slightly better for most of the game, until suddenly White was playing for a win. Very instructive!

peter's picture

@Jan Vente thanks, corrected. Indeed that mistake wasn't meant for publishing. ;-)

Pedro's picture

Veremos sin en la octava partida Kramnik gana y nos da una alegr?ɬ?a para que esto tenga un poco mas de emocion no?

Jan Vente's picture

Not for publishing:

A small detail. The table Match Scor on this page has the wrong colors for game 7.

Jan Vente

VB's picture

Anand - Topalov would be great show to watch!

Manu's picture

Is not so dificult : Kasparov beat Anand, then Kramnik beat Kasparov and now Anand beats Kramnik.
Its the same thing.
And one thing is losing a match on tiebreaks , and another losing by more than 2 points.

shy_guest's picture

So let me see if I got this right.

Anand, IF he wins this match beats Kramnik.

Kramnik beat Topalov.

Therefore, it seems, some people (or one person) here think(s) that proves Topalov is stronger than Anand.

I don't quite get it. Can someone please explain.

Manu's picture

You asked for an explanation pal...

Juliette's picture

People may you fotget the persons and concentrate on chess???

Juliette (France)'s picture

Ole and aljechine suggested the idea 32.bxa5 leading to a verry complicated endgame.

Are there strong players here to work on the final assesment of the position arising after the line:
32.bxa5 bxa5 33.Rb1 Nc5 34.Bxc5 Rxc5

Katata has given juste two alternatives.

shy_guest's picture

Oooh !
Suddenly Kasparov is in this too.
Kasparov beat Anand in 1995.
Kramnik beat Kasparov in 2000.
That is all ancient history in terms of current playing strength.
Why not bring Schlechter & Bronstein into it, & Smyslov ?
They all drew matches but didn't get the title because of a rule favouring the holder.

Why not stick to the subject - which is Anand & Kramnik ? As far as I'm aware, Topalov is not playing in this match.

Katata's picture

I have the pleasure to be the first person who poste a message today.

Sander's picture

Hi Katata, because of the current standings, it seems there are only 2 spectators watching this game :-))

raj's picture

............. Nc5
Bxc5 ....Rxc5


val's picture

looking at the game engineless, it looks like a draw

Ash's picture

it looks drawish indeed. Than Kramnik can be very happy. But in "his positional" gamestyle he does not make big blunder even though Anand had a slight advantage after the opening. So 28... Rc4 was a good move to equalize the position in case of a draw or the mistake that lost the game when he loses....

Panos's picture

It should be drawn. I do not expect they will play many more moves.

suneet's picture

ITS A DRAW!!!!!!

what a respite for Kranmik!


Ole's picture

official draw!

so b5 was a terrible positional mistake, completely missing the idea of a5, first real mistake from Vishy, spoiling a very promising position (bxa5 looks winning to me...)

anyway, still +3

go Vishy!

Aljechins Cat's picture

I?Ǭ¥m felt like Ole, at first i had no idea about a-a5. But what is about 32. bxa bxa 33. Rb1-Nc5? I have no computer here-- then 34. BxN-RxB 35. Rb5-Rd5 - does it hold?

Katata's picture

To Aljechins ..
The situation is verry complicated after 32.bxa. for instance with the help of my engine I got:
32.bxa5 bxa5 33.Rb1 Nc5 34.Bxc5 Rxc5 35.e4 Kh6 36.Rc1 Rc8 37.Ke3 Kg6 38.Kd4 Rd8+ 39.Kc5 Rc8+ 40.Kd6 c3
( If 40. ... Kf7 41.Kd7 +1.14/15 1s Rc5 42.Rc3 g6 43.Rc1 c3 44.Rf1+ Kg7 45.Kxe6 Rc6+ 46.Kd5 Rc7 47.Rc1 Kf7 48.Kd6 Rc4 49.e6+ Ke8 50.Rc2 Rd4+ 51.Kc5 Rxe4 52.Rxc3 Rxe6 53.Kb5 Re1 54.Kxa5 Ke7 55.Kb4 Kd6 56.a5 Re2 57.a6 Ra2 58.Ra3 Rb2+ 59.Kc4 Rc2+ 1-0)

41.Kxe6 c2 42.Ke7 Rc7+ 43.Ke6 Rc8 44.Kd7 Rc4 45.e6 Rd4+ 46.Ke7 Rd2 47.Ke8 Kf6 48.e7 Ke6 49.Kf8 Rf2+ 50.Kxg7 Kxe7 51.Kg6 Ke6 52.Kxg5 Ke5 53.h4 Kxe4 54.Kh6 Kd3 55.g5 Rf8 56.g6 Rh8+ 57.Kg5 Kd2 (57. ... Rb8 58.g7) 58.g7 Rd8 59.Rxc2+ Kxc2 60.h5 1-0

Zenman's picture


Tyche's picture

I was reading this letter by the President of Bulgarian Chess Federation to Kirsan Iljhuminov about the uncertainty surrounding the Kamsky-Toplaov match. Here is an excerpt from that:

"Mr Ilymzhinov, please inform me where and when the match will take place. We insist the decision for the match to be reflected in the players contracts, and they to be signed before the other semi final match between GM Kramnik and GM Anand. "

What is this non-sense about Anand-Kramnik match being a "semi-final?" Is he serious? Are the Bulgarians saying that they do not recognize the winner of this match as the World champion, and that the winner of Toplaov-Kamsky would be the challenger? This is another instance of the idiocy of the Bulgarian chess fraternity. I really want Kamsky to thrash Topalov soundly, to put to rest, once and for all, the argument that Toplaov is even worthy of contending for a championship.

I would love to hear comments from the knowledgable folks in this forum.

Katata's picture

With the ajournement system we would see deep engame analyses (after 32 bxa5).
I red yesterday that Bootvinich spent all the night analysisng the adjourned position of one of his games against Fisher in Bulgaria (in 1962 or 1963 i do not remember well).
In that night Spassky, Tal and Geler have been involved to help Botvinnik in analysing that game. The Drawing move has been discovered by Geller at the dinner and the complete line have been finished at 5:00 morning !!!


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