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Ilyumzhinov reconsiders, gives Chernenko one more day (2nd update)

2nd UPDATE: open letter by Rustam Kamsky
Update: No Chernenko money, Iluymzhinov gives Bulgarian Chess Federation another chance.

By now nobody believes the Kamsky-Topalov match will still take place before the end of the year, if at all, but after receiving another letter by Kamsky's manager Chernenko, FIDE President Ilyumzhinov decided to reconsider his personal guarantee and set Mr Chernenko another ultimatum: one more day. Article updated.

2nd update, November 7, 10:02 CET: expectedly, protests would follow Ilyumzhinov's decision to re-opened the bidding for the Kamsky-Topalov match. This morning an open letter (why all these press releases and open letters are necessary beats us - why not have a few conference calls every now and then?) by Rustam Kamsky was published at Chessbase. The most important parts:

Dear chess fans,

It is clear that Mr. Ilyumzhinov personally guaranteed the prize funds of $750,000 for the match to be organized in Lviv, Ukraine and thus undertook specific moral and legal obligations towards both players.

My position towards options available to FIDE is simple. FIDE President, Mr. Ilyumzhinov, can follow the venue and great organization of Anand-Kramnik match in Bonn, Germany.

Unfortunately I do not have any faith in FIDE and Mr. Ilyumzhinov who in front of the whole world breached his word, which is not the first time. Also, I do not have much faith in Mr. Makropoulos, a personal friend of Mr. Danailov.


The foremost important issue that FIDE omitted from its agenda for the technical meeting in Dresden on November 18th, 2008 is to have both players and their attorneys to discuss and negotiate the terms of the contract. During prior months FIDE remained silent to numerous requests for a contract for the Kamsky-Topalov match made by GM Kamsky's attorney. Yet having no contract, FIDE mandated on November 6, 2008, that both players must confirm their participation by November 14, 2008. Before any confirmation can be given a player must know the time, the place and the prize fund for the match. FIDE is trying to use time pressure to force players into confirming to unknown terms that could later become critical. GM Kamsky is asking for the minimum ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú an honestly and fairly organized match in neutral location. If that does not occur both players instead of fighting against each other should unify to fight against FIDE in the court of law.


It is clear that FIDE has a direct duty and responsibility to organize the world championship match Kamsky-Topalov. However FIDE's latest response is to place its burden upon players, thus confronting the players even before their battle on a chess board. I anticipate that in these uncertain times Gata's life could be in danger: no person ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú no problem.

Thank you
Roustam Kamsky

Update November 6, 17:47 CET: this time also sent to us by email and published on the FIDE website is another statement by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Instead of keeping up to his promise of guaranteeing a US$ 750,000 prize fund, he now gives the Bulgarian Chess Federation another chance, and a prize fund of 250,000 USD plus 50,000 USD as contribution to FIDE is enough. Here's the statement:

Moscow, 6 November 2008

Announcement of the FIDE President concerning the match Topalov - Kamsky

Dear chess friends,

As already known, FIDE had initially reached a decision to award the Challenger's Match Topalov - Kamsky to the Bulgarian Chess Federation which offered a prize fund of 150,000 USD.

Afterwards, and following consultations with both sides, FIDE gave the opportunity to Alexander Chernenko, the manager of GM Gata Kamsky, to bring in an improved bid with Lviv suggested by Mr Chernenko as the host city. The prize fund offered by GM Gata Kamsky's manager was 750,000 USD. Since then, FIDE received several letters, by banks supposed to co-operate with Mr Chernenko, stating that the funds were "on their way". But up to this moment, and despite numerous reminders to Alexander Chernenko, no bank guarantees have been provided and of course no transfer of the prize fund has been made to the bank account of FIDE.

At this point I must say that I have deeply regretted the trust which I had shown to Alexander Chernenko, concerning the reliability of his offer. The actions of Mr Chernenko indicate an abuse of right to invoke my guarantee which was declared after his own request and in good faith to help him secure the necessary funds. Furthermore, I understand the complaints of the Bulgarian Chess Federation concerning the procedure followed, although FIDE was only trying to improve the financial conditions for both players.

In order to restore the procedure towards holding this very important match, FIDE announces the following:

a) The Bulgarian Chess Federation will be re-awarded with the event if it accepts in written form, by 14 November 2008 12:00 GMT, to hold the match with a prize fund of 250,000 USD plus 50,000 USD as contribution to FIDE and all organising expenses covered. In this case, the dates of the match Topalov - Kamsky remain as already announced (29 Nov. - 12 Dec. 2008) and I intend to nominate FIDE Vice President Mr William Kelleher of USA as the FIDE Supervisor of the Organising Committee (*duties of the FIDE Supervisor as annex 1 to this announcement). The confirmation letter of the Bulgarian Chess Federation should be sent by email and by registered post to the FIDE Secreteriat, address: 9 Syggrou Ave, 11743 Athens, Greece.

b) By 14 November 2008, 12:00 GMT, both players have to officially confirm, in written form and in a clear and explicit way, that they will play the match. If GM Topalov refuses to confirm his participation, then GM Kamsky qualifies automatically for the 2009 WCC match. If GM Kamsky refuses to confirm his participation, he will be replaced by GM Shirov (the runner-up of the World Cup 2007). The confirmation letters should be sent by email and by registered post to the FIDE Secreteriat, address: 9 Syggrou Ave, 11743 Athens, Greece.

c) If the Bulgarian Chess Federation will not confirm that it accepts the financial requirements of (a), an open bidding procedure will be launched with a deadline of 31 December 2008. The best bid will be awarded with the event which will then be held in February or March 2009.

The unfortunate handling of the situation by Alexander Chernenko has brought us to a point where the time limits are very tight. With this procedure, FIDE puts the Challengers Match back on track and with a clear timetable. We are all looking forward to a great match which will produce a worthy challenger to World Champion Vishy Anand for the year 2009.

Gens Una Sumus!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President

Clearly we have to add to this: to be continued...

Original article, published November 4:

After the Bulgarian Chess Federation expressed their worries about the Kamsky-Topalov match at the end of September, again things have been very quiet around the event that should deliver a challenger for a match against world champion Anand.

In a press release on June 1st, FIDE President Iluymzhinov had personally guaranteed the match to be organized for a prize fund of 750,000 USD in Lviv, Ukraine. But there haven't been any signals of an upcoming match in that city, and rumours say that the FIDE President was about to announce the match to be held in Elista.

Today the following, remarkable statement can be read at the FIDE website:

Dear chess friends,

Yesterday 3 November 2008, FIDE received the following message from Alexander Chernienko, the manager of GM Gata Kamsky:

"Due to technical reasons (copy of the banking letter re delay of the transfer was sent by me on the 1st of November 2008), the payment of 935,000 USD according to the BID for the organisation of the Kamsky-Topalov match to the FIDE account, will be effected on the 5th November 2008."

As we have been receiving such letters by Mr Chernienko for a long time now, with yet no transfer made to the FIDE bank account (and we are only one month before the start of the event), this will be the last extension accepted by FIDE as all possible time limits, in order to assist Mr Chernienko with his bid, have been exhausted.

If the amount of 935,000 USD is not transferred to the bank account of FIDE by Wednesday 5 November 2008, FIDE will re-open negotiations with the Bulgarian Chess Federation, the original organiser awarded to hold this match.

FIDE is obliged to take all necessary steps in order to ensure that the Challengers Match shall indeed take place and a worthy challenger for World Champion Vishy Anand will be established. We are all looking forward to this exciting match!

Gens Una Sumus,
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President

The official letter by Chernenko:

Chernenko letter

Is it possible to turn a big mess into an even bigger mess? Everytime you think the FIDE President is not capable of surprising us anymore, it turns out he still is.

Even if FIDE does receive the money tomorrow, chances are slim that the match will take place during the scheduled period, November 26-December 14. Especially the Bulgarian team can be expected to object strongly, and in fact Veselin Topalov can be found on the Olympiad's website as playing board one for Bulgaria. (The Olympiad ends on November 25.)

And what about Kamsky, who has always stated that he doesn't want to get involved in all his, and only wants to concentrate on chess? Has he been preparing lately?

Chronological list of events:

  • June 25, 2007: at the Presidential Board meeting in Tallinn, FIDE accepts a 150,000 USD bid by the Bulgarian Chess Federation to organize a match between Veselin Topalov and the winner of the 2007 World Cup, to be held in Bulgaria in the second half of 2008.
  • November 2007: FIDE confirms the accepted bid by the Bulgarians at the 78th FIDE congress in Antalya.
  • December 2007: Gata Kamsky wins the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, and with it the right to play a match against Topalov.
  • January 2008: Kamsky states that he isn't going to play the match in Bulgaria but prefers neutral grounds.
  • February 12, 2008: despite the Bulgarian bid that already stands, FIDE extends the bidding period for the organization of the Kamsky-Topalov until April 11, 2008, "in order to try to improve the financial terms and conditions for both players".
  • April 10, 2008: FIDE extends the deadline for receiving bids once more, until April 23, 2008, as was asked for by the Kamsky team. The Bulgarian Chess Federation publishes a protest, urging FIDE "to follow the decisions of its governing body - the Congress."
  • April 11, 2008: Gata Kamsky's manager Alexander Chernenko tells Yuri Vasiliev, journalist for Sports Express, that "the match will be held in Lviv, Ukraine for a prize fund of US$ 750,000."
  • May 15, 2008: Russian chess website Chesspro publishes an interview with Chernenko and chess media report the Lviv bid as "confirmed".
  • May 18, 2008: Macauley Peterson, in a piece for Chess Life Online, makes clear that both Chernenko and FIDE rebut Vasiliev's account that "the financial guarantees have now been received by FIDE, at their Swiss bank account." Things remain highly unclear.
  • May 29, 2008: Alexei Shirov, who lost the World Cup final in December 2007 to Kamsky, loses his patience and publishes an open letter, stating that by now he should be the one to play Topalov.
  • May 30, 2008: The Kamsky team responds, also in an open letter, and obviously not amused.
  • June 1, 2008: after discussing the Kamsky-Topalov match at a Presidential Board Meeting, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov personally guarantees the prize fund of US$ 750,000 for the match Topalov-Kamsky.
  • September 26, 2008: Stefan Sergiev, President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation, protests once more against FIDE's actions - or non-actions, this time.
  • November 3, 2008: Ilyumzhinov receives a letter by Chernenko that states that the payment of 935,000 USD will be effected on November 5, 2008. FIDE accepts this date as the last ultimatum.
  • November 6, 2008: instead of keeping up to his promise of guaranteeing a US$ 750,000 prize fund, Ilyumzhinov gives the Bulgarian Chess Federation another chance, and a prize fund of 250,000 USD plus 50,000 USD as contribution to FIDE is enough.
  • November 7, 2008: an open letter Rustam Kamsky, protesting.

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xtra's picture

Good summary, but you should write the last post like this:
"FIDE accepts this date as the last last ultimatum."

he he.

ChessGirl's picture

Very good update for a very sad situation xD

thorex's picture

What does Kamsky want to qualify for? The World Chess Championship 2009 against Anand?

Ridicoulous! He is only no. 22 in the world, didn't play for 8 years and qualified in a one-time knock-out tournament. That was a lottery, no tournament! His Miss Piggy behavior shows me that he doesn't believe in this whole thing himself.

I came up with a simple conclusion: He does not deserve this match. Skip it!

Manu's picture

He deserves it because he won the needed World Cup to do that, Carlsen played there too.
If it was Carlsen and not Kamsky , would you consider things diferent?
Kamsky defeated at least 2 times Anand after his comeback , and at that time i think he was less than 22 in the world.
Kamsky is a top player with a lot of match experience, and he seems wiser and happier than before, let the man play.
Im afraid they will end playing in Bulgaria if Kamsky's team dont hurry a little.

arne's picture

@thorex, I suppose your argument "he's only no. 22 in the world" implies that you think only players with certain world-rankings are entitled to participate in a world championship cycle at all. Well, then why not just use the FIDE rating list to decide who's world champion and skip all matches and tournaments! But wait, if we don't have matches and tournaments, we will never have any changes in the list anymore ... what to do .. well, perhaps we shouldn't use this flawed argument and just accept that whoever qualified, actually is entitled to participate in the cycle :-)

xtra's picture

yes, ratings and the world championship cycle arent connected in such a way. if they were, there would be no need for a match in the first place, because there would be a world champion four times a year (potentially, every time there is a new ratings list).

but obviously the rating system isnt perfect enough to actually say which of the best players in the world is the best. its well known that to get a good rating you have to play the ones with the highest rating and avoid playing anyone with a lower. so that would be pretty much an idiotic thing, to make ratings such an extremely big factor. they are already being over valued as it is (when it is a matter of a single point who has the highest rating, how can it matter? You have to maintain a much higher rating over a long time to actually use ratings to say that you are the best, Kasparov can claim such a thing, but on one else can at the minute.)

knock-out system is a lottery, but at least it is a lottery that everyone (who counts) can participate in. it is so incredibly stupid to have a world champion cycle-system that is formed out of closed should be more like golf, open tourmanets where there are majors that everyone wants to win, and if you do win them then you are basicly the best player that year., Tiger woods was the best for a long time because he continuously won tournaments. seriously, chess has such idiotic systems that it isnt even funny. I understand it needs finance, but as a sport it is beurocratic and corrupt.

Theo's picture

What a joke...

To bad for Kamsky, but nobody needs this match. Anand is now the TRUE world champ and everybody respects him.

VB's picture

It's clear that FIDE failed with match either. Like the poor oranization in Topalov - Kramnik match.

VB's picture

More challenging matches more fun and attention to chess! Rock N Roll

me's picture

It's funny how people claim that FIDE knockouts were just a lotery.

If thats true, the Anand has to be one of the luckiest person on the planet since in 3 atempts he won "the lotery" twice (in 1997 and 2000) and came close to winning it for the third straight time too (semi-finals in 2002).

I don't know if a person can be that lucky. There has to something else too. I don't know, something like world-class maybe?

Manu's picture

@Theo ; nobody needs this match?
You are confused pal , we need new chalengers for our champion, we need to make this qualifiers work .
Topalov?Ǭ¥s choice of not playing in Corus is a clever one , if the match with kamsky gets cancelled he can sue FIDE.
Things are great now (compared than a few years ago) , we have a terrific champion who is not afraid of anyone , Anand will play by the rules and defend his title with whoever qualifies.
The best method to improve the way we select the chalengers is to not put a stop to any other matches , time will make things better.

Guillaume's picture

I agree with Theo. Nobody needs this match, really. If Anand needs a challenger, he has the winner of the World Cup 2007, and that's Kamsky. The idea that Topalov would get a free admission in a qualifier final for losing his match against Kramnik was quite odd, to say the least. Too bad Topalov trusted Dainalov who trusted Ilioumjinov. They should have known better. Who needs a new toilet-gate anyway?

Manu's picture

@guillaume ,
Theo says Kamsky is too low rated , you say Topalov (number one in ratings at this time) dont deserve this match...
Im not sure which one of you is making sense.

thorex's picture

Okay, you're right. I missed the point with my reference to his rating. I took a look at his performance in the last years and his comeback is quite impressive. If he is 1st or 100th on the list and if he won every tournament before or non at all... it doesen't matter. You call something a WCC, you let the players qualify for it and then you have to accept the result.

But I confirm my statement to this knock-out system. Just look at this years WCC. Anand won convincingly, but he also lost one game. This can happen to anyone, anytime. What matters in my opinion is the constancy on a high level over a long time. And this is by no means reflected through a knock-out system.

pete's picture

@Guillaume: don't forget Kramnik received the same present from FIDE! He officially lost the title in Mexico but got another shot for it in that match. I see no reason why Topalov should not get the same treatment. Besides that Topa is really one of the best 5 players in the world and currently number one in the list.

Funny thing I read in Susan Polgar's blog was that non of the games in that WC match could even come close the match Kramnik - Topalov in terms of interest from the people ... here is the exact quote:

"Final number: 64,127 unique users joined us for the live blogging of game 9. It is the highest number of this match so far but still only about half of each of the final two games of the Kramnik - Topalov WC match in Elista."

that's from game 9. So I think a match Anand - Topalov would be really good for chess :).

Theo's picture

@Manu: I never said Kamsky is too low rated! I only said that it's a shame for him if the match won't happen.

If one person deserves to be the challenger it's indeed Kamsky (winner World Cup 2007)

Guillaume's picture

@pete: Kramnik didn't receive his WC title from FIDE. He got it when he defeated Kasparov in a match. Now Anand has the title. He didn't get it from FIDE either, mind you. He got it by defeating Kramnik. It's that simple. Everybody understand that Anand has to be defeated in a match now. Would you trust Ilioumjinov with the WC title in his hands? I wouldn't. What if he suddenly declares tomorrow that Anand must defend his title in a tournament? Ilioumjinov has repeatedly shown that kind of volte-face in the past (and the Kamsky-Topalov bid issue is just the latest).

The media coverage during Kramnik-Topalov may have been bigger, but that was most probably for the wrong reason: the toilet-gate was everywhere in the news. As interesting as an Anand-Topalov match would be, I don't think I'd like to watch another shameless stunt from the Dainalov-Topalov duo.

acirce's picture

"I came up with a simple conclusion: He [Kamsky] does not deserve this match. Skip it!"

Unlike Topalov, Kamsky actually QUALIFIED for this match, if you manage to remember as far back as a year.

pete's picture

Guillaume: all I am saying is that the match should take place. Fair or not, Topalov has his chance now and he should use it. He, along with Kramnik and Anand is the heavy artillery in the chess world now ... with Carlsen, Chucky and Moro following them pretty close.

No comments about FIDE .... non needed, we all see what's happening.

thorex's picture

@Peter: I think you should remove fide's email adress.

Peter Doggers's picture


Christos (Greece)'s picture

?¢‚Ǩ?ìI came up with a simple conclusion: He [Kamsky] does not deserve this match. Skip it!?¢‚Ǩ?

He won the 128 player tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk, where many great players participated. He personally knocked out Svidler, Carlsen, Ponomariov and Shirov (among others). It was a great achievement.

Topalov is the one who does not deserve this match. The only think he did to "qualify" for it was to lose the match with Kramnik and they had agreed, after Topalov's proposal, that the loser would be out of the cycle for the next W.C.

acirce's picture

Well, not out of the cycle. Topalov could have played in the World Cup just like Kamsky did. He certainly would not have been less likely to win. But why bother when you can lobby/buy your way through?

Imagine if FIDE right now decided that the Topalov-Kamsky winner would not play Anand for the title -- but first had to play Kramnik for the right to play Anand for the title. That would be just as outrageous as it was when they first changed the rules to give Topalov this special privilege.

philipp's picture

@christos Kramnik lost in mexico so way should he have the right for the match in bonn.

The whole situation is a prove of the total incompetence and corruption of the fide.

I do not see why the chessplayers in europe(without italy and greece since corruption is an big issue there to) and america do nt head for fide presidency as this would be safer and more professional institution.

please start a poll whether one think that our incumbent president is good or not.
, whether the fide is optimally organized.

philipp's picture

@christos Kramnik lost in mexico so way(WHY SORRY)
should he have the right for the match in bonn.

Peter Doggers's picture

Polls are only interesting when you don't know what people think.

Popuscu (Bulgaria)'s picture

If I well understood the statment (b) of FIDE letter, then the following is correct:

" If BOTH players Topalov and Kamsky do not sign before the 14th November 2008 then Shirov will be the challenger of Anand in 2009."

What happens if Shirov does not accept???

Alexander's picture

Few months ago Shirov already tried to claim the right to fight Topalov, so it is quite possible he won't have problems with challenging WC himself.

Dikke Deur's picture

"...Gata's life could be in danger...."


Still as silly as in the old days


guitarspider's picture

Personally, I'd rather see Topalov-Shirov. Shirov-Anand is even better (I'm no fan of Topalov anymore after Elista). Anyway, I'd really like to see Shirov get his shot at the World Championship, he really deserves it. If Kamsky feels Fide threatens his life, he better leave chess. He's going nowhere without Fide.

Theo's picture

Shirov the challenger for Anand in 2009?!?

This sounds like a sweet fairytale in my ears!!!

Let's do it!!!!

Or play Shirov-Kamsky as a semi-final!

mdamien's picture

Guillaume wrote: "Kramnik didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t receive his WC title from FIDE. He got it when he defeated Kasparov in a match. Now Anand has the title. He didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t get it from FIDE either, mind you. He got it by defeating Kramnik. It?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s that simple."

Exactly right, and well said!

The letter from Kamsky's father presents an (unfortunately common) view to the contrary, that Kramnik was fighting instead for the FIDE trinket. Without some personal retraction, it will be hard to hold much warm regard for Kamsky.

VB's picture

Topalov was out of Mexico which was stupid. That mess up the things. All the top players should be able to play in the WC tourney. That's good for legitimization of the winner and chess at all.

VB's picture

pete I fully agree with you Anand - Topalov would be great for chess. After this Moro, Carlsen and Chucky also should have their shot.

me's picture

I hope justice wins and following things happen:

1.) Bulgarians get to organize the match (they are the only ones who are willing to do it, and should have already received it after the original deadline passed without any other bid)

2.) Kamsky disqualifies himself from the cycle (he is responsible for all this mess around this match - he is 100% responsible for actions of his delegation like managers, lawyers, etc.)

3.) Shirov beats Topalov to get a shot at the title (he deserved it 10 years ago)

4.) Anand beats Shirov (because he is just a better and more complete player)

5.) No more free passes in the future. The challenger has to qualify through the World Championship cycle (Grand Prix, World Cup, Challenger match)

The justice is slow, but it will prevail in the end.

Remco Gerlich's picture

@me: the only problem with that reasoning is that the objection of Kamsky is perfectly valid -- after Topalov's antics in Elista, he and a possible match organization in his home country raise suspicion. The match should really be held somewhere else.

Remco Gerlich's picture

Actually, I retract that statement. It's no ideal that the match is in Bulgaria, but there's no rule against it. It's time the chess world starts following its rules.

Accepted bid is accepted bid, if Kamsky doesn't want to play it's over to Shirov.

Manu's picture

Mmm... R . Kamsky is like the caos master , im not sure if he is helping his son with the letter.
I read that some people think that Topalov was parachuted into this match, this is not true.
After Elista Topalov's team challenged Kramnik for a rematch , and they did that by folowing FIDE rules to the letter.
That rules said that any ex-world champ (or top player , cant remember but Topalov was included) had the right to claim a match to the title IF he provides the money and conditions.
Topalov's team traded this challenge to his right to play the winner of the cup for a shot to the title.
A very important thing to keep in mind is that every player that participated in that world cup knew this , i mean Kamsky played the cup knowing that Topalov was waiting.
There is a lot to say about this and Kramniks rematch too, i also think as many that Topalov should have played in Mexico , but was done is done and i believe this match is a must for the chessworld.
Another thing that was not apreciated were Shirov's comments.
Shirov said that because he wanted things to get solved, not just for personal interests.

xtra's picture

no, shirov probably wanted mainly to push his rights, but IMO he was right to do so. His position is if anything worse than that of Kamsky and Topalov, because oviously he wants to play the match if Kamsky jumps off the train, but he also has to plan his own 2009 calender and prepare if he is to play, so...

about Topalov and parachutes, I guess the whole point behind that claim is that it basicly stinks that the loser could re-challenge if they just pay for it. It issuch a strange thing, that you can just buy yourself a match, and not play the rest. Especially since only so many matches can be played, its not reasonable to think there can be more than one WC match/player/year (or maybe longer than a year). so if someone pays therest have to wait even if they qualified through play.

Greg's picture

Don't fool yourselves anti-Topalov maniacs. This is clearly Kamsky's inability to honour his offer. Or he must say publicly that his manager Chernenko deceived him as Chessdom reports here: "His manager also deceived him by claiming that money was sent to FIDE but it kept bouncing back!?"...

Pradeep John's picture

Kramnik after losing the title in Mexico gets a free match with the world champion
while Topalov after Elista shouldn't even get an invitation to Mexico nor a qualification match with Kamsky.

Fide made the whole unification a mess.Topalov should have played in Mexico 2007. he would have won that like he did at Bilbao

Kamsky should be the challenger a bit weird he only won world cup. in which many of the top players (Anand, Kramnik, Leko, Morozevich, Topalov, Gelfand) didn't participate.

Jeans's picture

I think a problem was created when it was decided before Kramnik-Topalov Elista 2006, that the player losing that match wouldn't be allowed to play in Mexico 2007.

@Peter: Do you know what was the reason for that, anyway?

VB's picture

Jeans exactly!

Alexander's picture

Jeans, I think this rule was reasonable enough. Imagine Topalov losing the match against Kramnik and then winning the Mexico 2007 with half a point margin (or Kramnik doing the same). WC title earned in this way would be taken seriously by no one: people would demand at least a repetition of the match.

Jeans's picture

It is logical to have the very best players competing for the crown. Excluding the losing player of a worldchampionshipsmatch just doesn't make sense. And if one does think that, then why give him a second chance 2 years later for excluding him in the first place?
I find it strange that the player who won the previous Wch tournament (2005) was excluded from Mexico (2007). The same would aply if Kramnik would have lost in 2006.
Maybe already 7 places were promised to the other players and only one spot was still available for Mexico.
What was FIDE's official reason?

Vovo's picture

If we focus on chess itself we should forget about: 1) FIDE's unadquate behaviour during last several years; 2) Danailov's undecent toilet-gate scandal; 3) Kramnik's boring chess style (he would never ever appear winning among the top players)

Just imagine who may create interesting, still high quality, games - these are Anand, Topalov and Carlsen only. These players should be given a chance to play each other and to advertise chess as no one else can do it.

Lots of systems can be created for WChampionship matches/tournaments. These just have to be stable for many years and not to deprive the best players from participating. Anything else is just lobbysts' noise...

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