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Kasparov in London: video interview

Kasparov in LondonGarry Kasparov was in London last week and not only did he give a speech at an international leadership summit, but he also visited the Chess & Bridge shop to promote his new book Kasparov Vs Karpov 1975-1985. ICC's Macauley Peterson spoke with the former world champion and tonight we bring you the video interview in two parts.

Kasparov was one of many famous names who gave a speech at the international leadership summit Leaders in London, before he visited the Chess & Bridge shop of the London Chess Center on December 4th. He was promoting his new book Modern Chess Volume II, Kasparov Vs Karpov 1975-1985 (to be reviewed on this site soon!).

For over an hour Kasparov signed copies of his various books and posed for photos with shop patrons, many of whom lined up early to await his arrival. Afterwards the 13th World Champion spoke with ICC's Macauley Peterson, who posted his video interview tonight at the Chess.FM blog.

The first video starts with shop owner IM Malcolm Pein (who also runs the UK chess magazine Chess and the London Chess Center, sponsor of Mark Crowther's The Week in Chess). Then Kasparov enters the scene, and he talks about his about his Predecessors and K vs. K series, and his future plans. (See ?¢‚Ǩ?ìbonus?¢‚Ǩ? clip below.)

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val's picture

As Botvinnik wrote in the Soviet "64 Chess review" magaziine of a certain person, that person was "a small-minded, petty man though a great chess player" ("chelovek melkiy, a shakhmatist bol'shoi"} . As for political activities, they say that modern politicians irrespective of their persuasions are liars by definition pursueing their own often excessive ambitions. Not that it all mattered much here.

Tom's picture

"I did more than I could have done in the world of chess."

It's that giving 110% football managers are so beloved of again!

Hugo van Hengel's picture

I like Kasparov more when he is talking about chess than when he is talking about politics.

Eiae's picture

It's beyond me why anybody would want to invite him to talk about leadership.

gogomil's picture

very nice video, Kasparov is surely one of alltime best

Tyche's picture

A wonderful video. Anytime an ordinary mortal, like me, gets an opportunity to listen to an extraordinarily creative artist (of anything), it should be treasured. Kasparov is easily the most creative chess player of modern times. His games with Karpov (in the WCs) were of the highest quality, and it is indeed wonderful to have him annotate those games for us.

Antonio Viriato Ferreira's picture

Hey !
Great interview !
Garry Kasparov is as always "alive and kicking" !

test's picture


Other chess plans?

I don't have any other chess plans. So it's that... this book, this series keeps me busy... in writing and makes me feel happy... it's enough of chess activities.

Never feel the urge to return to the board?

No, I think I did more than I could have done in the world of chess and it's time for others to continue.

bob54's picture

Great video

Indian's picture

Kasparov still secretly yearns to return to competitive chess. He may actually do so when he fully realises his political ambitions are a joke.

Dan's picture

That's a bit harsh. Don't you think he's doing some good by bringing attention to the shortcomings of the Putin regime? (Surely 'shortcomings' is to light a word.)

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