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Who's Britney's manager?

who's britney's managerDo you know who Britney Spears' manager is? Do you care? Okay, I admit having read a news item about the breakup between Britney Spears and her previous manager, but, of course, that was not because of the news itself, but because it involved Britney. And I have absolutely no idea who her new manager is.

Actually, the reason I clicked on the above news link may be the same as why you've clicked on this one... Seriously though, in the chess world, managers seem even less interesting than in the world of showbiz. I guess I can still imagine a manager actually helping Britney with stuff (understanding contracts, writing official publications), but what can any manager do for a confident and hyperintelligent chess player apart from chasing away journalists and fans?

As far as I know, managers are indeed a rarity in chess. This is no surprise. Employees in companies have managers to evaluate their work from a position of experience and broad knowledge. Most chess managers can hardly boast such a position towards a super grandmaster. Another legitimate role of managers is to support and motivate employees. For chess players, this role is logically suited for their partners: indeed, Anand's wife, Aruna, is also his manager.

And of course, if we're interested in people surrounding famous chess players at all, it is usually their wives, or perhaps their parents ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú or their seconds. We all know Yuri Dokhoian ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú not as a chess player, but because he was Kasparov's most loyal second for years. (In fact, we all know Kasparov's mother, too.) But who is Kasparov's current manager? Perhaps he even has two? I have never met anyone who's even remotely interested in this question, except maybe some journalist or organizer who might want to contact him.

Admittedly, we wouldn't hesitate a single moment to bring you news about a breakup between Veselin Topalov and his manager Silvio Danailov. But then again, perhaps this is because they have created so much fuss together, and especially because Danailov, in some way, really does resemble a parent for Topalov and Cheparinov ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú he's rather like Klara Kasparov, in this respect.

So, no news on ChessVibes about Kramnik's breakup with Carsten Hensel. If you just wondered: Carsten Who? ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú never mind. The only relevant place for the question 'Who's the manager?' is a restaurant with bad food.


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Author: Arne Moll


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Well, test, what's so strange about that word combination? Didn't you know Britney plays chess? Oops, now I did it again ;-)

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Dit is ook een manier in de Google rankings te stijgen, Peter ;-)

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From Mig's site:
I became close to Kasparov in 1999 and in the middle of that year he hired me to help build and run his website, (RIP). That changed the nature of our relationship de facto, although as an editorial policy we tried hard to give a complete picture of the news when it involved Garry, as it so often did. Of course the site was also his platform, but we all agreed that his articles should appear under his byline like those by me and other editors. There was to be no royal we, no unsigned editorials

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Thanks for the mammaries.

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Looks as though Doggers was not copied on the Hensel Press Release!

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A chess player's manager is more akin to a boxer's manager than a pop star's.

The main aim is to get a title shot and win the world championship . The managers come more into their own planning everything around world title bouts, and political deals we all hear about, to get the best for their client..

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Kasparov doesn't have managers, he has minions...
But seriously, what is Mig Greengard for Kasparov? An "embedded" journalist?

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ok so Kramnik decided that Carsten is a lousy theatrist and Britney will be a better match against Danailov?

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The Kramnik-Carsten breakup does resemble a usual pattern in team sports: a championship is lost, fire the manager. A pertinent question is what Carsten could/should have done differently but that is surely something about which neither party would want to talk. Also, we never knew what was supossed to be Kramnik's strategy or if they had one at all. Finally, I have the impression that K. was overconfident and maybe his whole team was.

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Great column, guys, I really loved it, and it?Ǭ¥s something that probably most of us hadn?Ǭ¥t given any thought yet, but it?Ǭ¥s interesting to realize about the chess manager pattern: parents, wives,... :)

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I cant believe you guys didnt guess it.

Kramnik is Britney`s new manager, and Carsten is now managing Madonna and Michael Jackson. Danailov is pissed and accuses Jackson of cheating (and for the first time I agree with Danailov).

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Hmm... strange article. Are they really so mad that other websites or blogs mention news that they consider unrelevant.
Then just don't talk about it :)

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Why would we be 'mad' about such a thing? No, surely not, it's just that we're constantly discussing how to deal with different types of news. And with this particular item, we suddenly realized how few players actually have a manager, and then we realized that we don't know any manager outside the chess world, and then... well, at some point Arne decided to do a column instead.

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Peter: "and then we realized that we don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t know any manager outside the chess world"

Are you sure? ;)

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What's her rating?

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Britney?Ǭ¥s rating is in the same category as mine, its called ?Ǭ®almost random?Ǭ®.
It would be nice if FIDE could create more categories for patzers , im totally against the Elite GrandMaster title.
Unless they throw one to me.

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chessvibes has surely sunken low enough

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It would have been better wait until the 28 of December.

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Well it connects well to the frequent topic of cheating.

Is Topalov/Kramnik actually coming up with the moves or is it a computer?
Is Britney actually singing live or is it a recording ?

Main difference is chess is not subjective, but objective. No amount of publicity could make any but the most talented chess players successful (except by cheaing as mentioned above). Carlsen is not there due to his crazy following.

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I never thought I will see Britney's picture on chessvibes. I had to re-check if I'm on the right site :)

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Actually I already wondered why Chessbase was reporting about Hensel a few times. Not the most interesting I topic indeed :)

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i wonder what percentage of anands winnings his wife gets..

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