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[lang_nl]Persconferentie: de wereldkampioen geeft les[/lang_nl][lang_en]Press conference: the world champion teaches[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het wordt drukker en drukker in Wijk aan Zee, en ook in de perskamer. Steeds meer journalisten zijn logischerwijs afgekomen op het toernooi der toernooien. Dat is helaas ook te merken in het filmpje van de persconferentie van Kramnik, want weer stoot iemand (dezelfde persoon!) tegen de camera aan en ditmaal lopen er steeds fotografen door het beeld. Aangezien we voor Corus werken, gaat de organisatie proberen daar iets aan te doen voor de volgende keer. Maar ophouden met zeuren, want wat we kunnen bieden is simpelweg uniek. De wereldkampioen geeft les in het eindspel. We zijn er nog stil van.[/lang_nl][lang_en]It's getting more and more crowded in Wijk aan Zee, and in the press room as well. Many journalists decided to visit this great tournament, of course. This you will notice in the video as again somebody (the same person!) hits the camera and this time many photographers move before the camera. Since we're working for Corus, the organizers will try to do something about that next time. But cut the crap; what we're offering is simply unique. The world champion teaching an endgame lesson. We're still speechless.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Deel I

Deel II

Deel III

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Part I

Part II

Part III



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Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Bill's picture

Fantastic. Thank you.

V.V. Smyslov's picture

Congratulations to grandmaster Kramnik on a great performance.

paurum's picture

What awsome analyse of a hard game!!
Very instructing to see prep.
Endgame is quite good play, see it.

marcel's picture

Weet je wat ik wel jammer vind, dat de beelden niet groter kunnen.
verder mijn complimenten aan dit team... mooie stukken en verslagen en video`s.
Ik hoop woensdag voor de eerste keer daar te gaan kijken.

Django's picture

On move 22 ... Nc4, could black play 22 ... Nc6?! ? It is a pawn sac, but is does free black's pieces.

Thx for the vids.

John Hamer's picture

hi good tourney so far Hope to go next year finance's permitting Yours in Chess John

Martin Morgan's picture


Merijn's picture

Fantastic explanations by Kramnik! What I like most is that he smoothly combines very trivial information ("you can't take this piece because of the pin") with deep strategical thinking and complicated lines, thus reaching a very broad audience. Impressive stuff!

keypusher's picture

Thank you so much!

Mauro Partida's picture

Execelente clase del Campe?ɬ?n del Mundo.
Muchas Gracias
Desde M?ɬ©xico

Charley's picture

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. A thousand thanks!

roberto's picture

excelent, hope he wins more games so he can be in more press conferences!!

Martin's picture

I totally agree with the previous comments, very nice explanation of the game by Kramnik.

Bielczyk's picture

Bolszoje spasiba za fantasticzieskuju partjiu i analizu

Mark Page's picture

Its a privilege to be able to see this. Awesome game (against Anand, after all!) and brilliant exposition. Thanks so much for this. Pity Corus can't afford a decent demo board, though!

Scott's picture

An excellent analysis of a very deep position, It was excellent for the viewer how Kramnik's analysis was clear and very precise let alone very entertaining too.

A Big Thank You

Richard's picture

How unique! How often do you see and hear a World Champion explain one of his own games, and with such clarity as well. Fantastic!

Shr0pshire's picture

Thanks for all the videos so far. They have been tremendously instructive! I hope you will continue this through the rest of the tournament.

Miki Naiman, Israel's picture

?ê???ë‚Ǩ?ꬵ?ê¬??ë‚Ǩ?ê¬??ë??ê¬??ê¬??ë? ?ê¬??ê¬??ë‚Ǩ?ê¬? ?ê¬? ?ê¬??ê¬ø?ꬵ?ë‚Ä°?ê¬??ë‚Äö?ꬪ?ë??ë???ë‚Ä??ê¬??ê¬? ?ê¬??ê¬æ?ꬺ?ꬺ?ꬵ?ê¬??ë‚Äö?ê¬??ë‚Ǩ?ê¬??ê¬?!
Wonderful, I am speachless! Bravo, Vladimir!

Jan Zvolsk?ɬ?'s picture

Only the true World Chess Champion could explain things in such a lucid way !

Thank you Mr. Vladimir Kramnik for your invaluable insights,

a chess fan from Prague.

Paul's picture

i'm loving this!

valmiki's picture

Wonderful videos about a most impressive game by Kramnik. This is what chess is about!

guy's picture

Mr. Vladimir Kramnik - you made me now one of your fans. thank you

dennis (philippines)'s picture

Kramnik deserves to be world champion. the way he understands the game and playing against ANAND who's such a great grandmaster.but bigger games are ahead, so, GOOD LUCK!!!

chess pal's picture

kramnik is just too amazing

Duchamp's picture

Truly a privelage to be able to see this without traveling to the Netherlands, thank you so much. I'm wondering, is this just for the press or does the public attending the match get to watch?

Russianbear's picture

Good stuff. Thanks!

anotherbear's picture

this was mainly a home prep. by Kramnik - but excellent followthrough and great analysis for us...

Mk's picture

I just wanted to tell you thanks chessvibes. You don't know how much I appreciate the video's. Not often you get to see these GM's explain their thoughts on a game.

Nas's picture

Kramnik you're the MAN!!!!! Than was excellent guys!!!!! keep the good work up!!!!

Wim's picture

Excellent and superb !!

REBOV's picture

I thought that you are so boring player but after this video i realize that you are on top of the world! Thanks!

Nima's picture

Thank you for this! Not only Kramnik provides instructive analysis, but he speaks clearly and not too fast (in camparision I found Radjabov hard to understand). I also was impressed by Kramnik expressing his doubts during the game and not pretending that he saw everything. Very impressive. Thank you again.

philippe's picture

quelles le?ɬßons.Tout parait simple avec les explications de ces champions ( Kramnik Topalov etc.. ) bravo et merci pour ces allez maxime ; gagne le tournoi B.

Christos (Greece)'s picture

I never imagined, until now, that I would have the opportunity to watch a World Champion analyze his game against Anand, and only a couple of hours after the end of the game.
And what a great presentation by Kramnik!
Thank you a thousand times.

Annemarie's picture

It is a wonderful explanation of Kramnik. And I have nothing but praise for the cameraman. Every body will enjoy the shoots very much.
I wish you good luck with the website. Your mother

kleo's picture

A great analysis! Kramnik is a real world champion! Impressive explanation and a really beautiful teaching of the endgame. A great strategic player. The best game analysis so far...

Whitey's picture

A master class by grandmaster Kramnik. Lucid, candid, and amazing technical detail of a very difficult engdgame. Like many others, I cannot get to Corus owing to work commitments so what a brilliant opportunity to see live analysis by the world champion himself. Keep it up!

Hans's picture

Fantastische analyse van Kramnik,heel helder en
Goede presentatie,goed verstaanbaar en een voorbeeld voor de andere grootmeesters.
Jammer is wel dat het aanwezige publiek zich
niet altijd even gediciplineerd gedraagt.
Men loopt door het beeld en kletst soms door het betoog van Kramnik heen.

arne's picture

Brilliant analysis, and brilliant preparation by Kramnik! As you watch the video, you actually start to understand how a subtle move like Qf1! can make all the difference. It's very inspiring!

Humberto's picture

Vlady: U are a master, but sometimes you must show more agressive. You have a big talent. Try to win more games.

MS's picture

Thanx a lot!

paralex's picture

G'day from down under.

To be able to have the games explained to you not by a commentator using fritz but by the worlds elite players, their fears their traps their whole thinking process. Simply fantastic. Please keep it up and may I put in a request to hear Vishy some time??

Xmas's picture

I would like to say that this was a really top-class yet enjoyable commentary showing subtle ideas in a very clear and concrete manner, especially how to handle the advantage in the late middlegame.

Ron's picture

Stunning, after a wonderful game (best of 2007?). Vladi is the real champion.

Pascal's picture

Wel een van de beste analyses tot nu toe - of eigenlijk een schaaktraining!

Alex's picture

One proposal to make this great thing some better.

You could introduce here video in different qualities so people with slow internet don't wait for hours while video is loading.

Really impresive to see that all thanks!!

CSMT's picture

Very fine game by Kramnik and impressive exposition. Thanks!

Arne Vogel's picture

Just incredible! There is one small inaccuracy in the analysis of the final position, though, which is that the white king is on Kf5, not Ke5. Kramnik realises this after he explains why he thinks Anand is losing, but does not give a reevaluation that takes the correct position into account. With the white king on f5, the winning strategy goes like this:

53. ..Kf7 { ..Kd7, ..Kd8, ..Ke8 lose the h pawn immediately; and after ..Nd6 Bxd6+ ..Kxd6 the white h pawn will promote in any case }
54. Ke5 Ke8 { to defend the knight }
55. Ke6! { thanks to "Azer/Baku" on for pointing out this move }

Now black is in Zugzwang and cannot save the h pawn. If the black king tries to trap the white king on the h file after the capture, the bishop can drive it away from any of the dark squares (outmaneuvering the knight as necessary). So there is indeed no way for black to draw.

Erik Fokke's picture

Schitterend !!
Dit is de hogeschool van het schaak, pure schoonheid en logica; de reden waarom ik ooit met dit spel begonnen ben.

Hulde ook voor deze site.

Erik Fokke


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