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[lang_nl]Post-mortem Leko-Aronian[/lang_nl][lang_en]Post-mortem Leko-Aronian[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]In de vierde ronde van Morelia/Linares 2007 werd de niet onaardige partij Leko-Aronian gespeeld. Misschien kun je je het nog herinneren: Leko ging een lange, geforceerde variant in die uiteindelijk leidde tot een stelling met een materiaalverhouding van loper en twee pionnen voor wit tegen een toren voor zwart. De ins en outs van de beginfase van deze partij kun je nu van de spelers zelf horen en zien, met het filmpje van vandaag.[/lang_nl][lang_en]In the fourth of Morelia/Linares 2007 the quite interesting game Leko-Aronian was played. Perhaps you remember: at some point Leko entered a long, forced line that led to a position with a bishop and two pawns for White against a rook for Black. You can now learn about the ins and outs of the opening phase of this game from the players themselves, with today's video.[/lang_en]


Met dank aan Bretislav Modr van Sachinfo.


Thanks to Bretislav Modr of Sachinfo.



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Good stuff like always. I don't see why he (Aronian)didn't play ...29 Rf7!?. I think it's a better move really ... :rolleyes:

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Waar zijn de uitslagen ?

Wat heeft Topalov gemaakt ?

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I couldn't make out exactly what Levon & Peter were saying because of their accent, but I thought the video started by Levon asking Peter if he is "OK" with discussing the game and Peter said "Otherwise I won't be teaching you." Later I thought I heard Levon say "I'm not scared."

Interesting to see how they were posturing and trying to get information from the other side without giving up too much information...

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Yea, their accent is quite hard to understand. I'm more concerned, however, for poor Mrs Leko. Whoever is holding the camera was obviously looking at her pert, firm breasts. Both times he zoomed in the breasts where in focus and in the bottom centre. I'm sure if I play it again each breast may even fall on a line in the rule of 2/3s.

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