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[lang_nl]Linares-filmpje: post-mortem Morozevich-Leko[/lang_nl][lang_en]Linares video: Post Mortem Morozevich-Leko[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]We zijn er erg content mee dat we vanavond het tweede filmpje uit Linares van Macauley kunnen tonen. Hij filmde de post-mortem van een van de mooiste partijen uit het toernooi: Morozevich-Leko uit de negende ronde, afgelopen zaterdag gespeeld. En hij voegde een nieuwe feature toe: een aantal keer verschijnt een animatieschaakbordje, om een paar stellingen die de twee GM's bespreken nog eens helder weer te geven. Veel plezier![/lang_nl][lang_en]We're quite happy to be able to present a new video from Linares by Macauley. He filmed the post mortem of one of the best games of the tournament so far: Morozevich-Leko from round nine, played last Saturday. And he added a new feature: a few times you will see an animated chess set, to clarify a few of the positions the two GMs are talking about. Have fun![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]GM's in order of appearance: Alexander Morozevich, Peter Leko, Arshak Petrosian, Rustam Kasimdzhanov.

[/lang_nl][lang_en]GMs in order of appearance: Alexander Morozevich, Peter Leko, Arshak Petrosian, Rustam Kasimdzhanov.



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Titu's picture

Great Video!

But the video seems to be stuck at the middle, :-(.

Begemot's picture

yeah, nice video... but i also have a problem in the middle of it. :(

peter's picture

There were some difficulties when uploading this video. To be sure, I forwared these comments to Macauley.

Lusine's picture

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Linux fan's picture

Hey, a microphone! Wonderful idea.

Macauley's picture

*Working on the problem in the middle...*

Macauley's picture

*** You can view the clip in its entirety here:

The original source file is fine. I'll sort out the problem with the Flash version, as soon as possible... ***

Pierre-Yves's picture

The micro and the animation are great ideas.
Very interesting.

Macauley's picture

The problem is fixed. Enjoy!

jason sowers's picture

This is the best style of post-mortem video ever!! More of these innovations and i'll delete chessbase from my favorites.

Arjon's picture

I saw it via the link Macauley gave so I could watch full screen and it was really nice. The sound is obviously much much better and the video intermezzo's of display boards really help, as the normal boards are only really well overseeable in real life. The few times that something had to be adjusted and footage of the round itself was shown was also no problem and only added to the video. Great work :D

J's picture

Who is the guy sitting next to Leko in most of the clip?

Sanne's picture

Arshak Petrosian, GM and second of Leko,
He is also his father in law

Martien's picture

Mooi filmpje! De beste tot nu toe die ik hier heb gezien! Vooral die animatieborden tussendoor voegen veel toe, maar ook de gefilmde beelden. Ik waardeer alle moeite die je neemt voor het filmen Peter, maar sommige filmpjes zijn veel te lang. Dit filmpje niet!
Kun jij die filmpjes ook in full screen aanbieden?

oscar's picture

genial forma de analizar

r0xas's picture

Amazing! Thank you for bringing us there!

Begemot's picture

Wonderful! Thank you Macauley :)

Wallace H's picture

amazing clip. Very good sound and I liked the animation to help us patzers follow along.
Top shelf!!

BTW, Moro is SO patient with Arshak. I would have left early with that guy kibbitzing all the time.
"Let the Super GMs speak; you go sit at the kids table or something. "

Mr X's picture

Pretty rude from Arshak to speak Russian when clearly Leko prefers English. After all it is the post mortem of Leko's game....

NBC's picture

Who are Kazimdzanov and Motylev seconding?

Macauley's picture

Kasimdzhanov is with Morozevich. Motylev (not pictured in this video) is seconding Peter Svidler.

Marlowe's picture

Besides amazing analysis, one has also a clearer image of what separates 3 top GMs - classy, patient, subtle, experienced in media exposure - and the common GM - insuficient command of English, insuficient mannners and insuficient skill...

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