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[lang_nl]Wekelijkse eindspelstudie (10)[/lang_nl][lang_en]Weekly Endgame Study (10)[/lang_en]

Yochanan Afek[lang_nl]Elke zaterdag publiceren we op Chessvibes een eindspelstudie, geselecteerd door Yochanan Afek: speler, trainer, eindspelcomponist en schrijver. Een week later wordt de oplossing gepubliceerd.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Every Saturday an endgame study is published at Chessvibes, selected by Yochanan Afek: player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. A week later the solution is published.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]G. Zachodjakin
3e prijs, 1949

Wit speelt en houdt remise

Volgende week de oplossing.

Oplossing vorige week:

[/lang_nl][lang_en] G. Zachodjakin
3rd Prize, 1949

White to play and draw

Next week the solution.

Solution last week:


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Author: Yochanan Afek

IM Yochanan Afek is a chess player, trainer, endgame study composer and writer. His complete selection of studies can be found here.


Lordy's picture

Thnx to the both of you for checking it out! I can finally put this one to rest now, lol.

Gadi's picture

6 piece DB gives draw after Rg7. I guss that Fritz choosed worng vriant for white somwhere in the sequance.

Lordy's picture

I don't have a chess comp and this problem has driven me mad aswell. I did find the sequence Gadi gave and I was still trying out the various Q-checks. So, Fogged thnx for your Fritz sequence that saves me a lot of time!
But is it a win? I just kept moving the king and rook on the 7th and 8th rank, trying to get the king in the corner. I wouldn't mind if you checked Fritz on 15.Kf8 i.o Kf6.

fogged's picture

Tie game! Good one Lordy.

fogged's picture

Neither I nor Fritz, Rybka or Shredder have been able to find the solution to this puzzle. I can't wait for the solution to this one.

Gadi's picture

1. Rc7-Rb8+ 2. K:E7 - RB7 3. R:B7 - C1=Q 4. KE6+ - KG6 5. H5+ - K:H5 6. RG7 and king cannot escape from the h file.

fogged's picture


For what its worth, Fritz found a way for the king to escape the h file and win:

1.Rc7 Rb8+
2.Kxe7 Rb7
3.Rxb7 c1Q
4.Ke6+ Kg6
5.h5+ Kxh5
6.Rg7 Qc4+
7.Ke7 Qb4+
8.Kf7 Qb3+
9.Ke7 Qb7+
10.Kf8 Qd5
11.Ke8 Qf3
12.Ke7 Qf5
13.Rg8 Qe5+
14.Kf7 Qc7+
15.Kf6 Qd7
16.Rg7 Qe8
17.Rf7 Qg8
18.Rg7 Qf8+
19.Rf7 Qd6+
20.Kg7 Qxg3+
21.Kh7 Qg6+
22.Kh8 Kg5
23.Ra7 h5
24.Rf7 Kh6
25.Re7 Qf6+
26.Kg8 Qxe7
27.Kh8 Qf8# 0?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú1

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