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[lang_nl]Actiefilms uit Mainz[/lang_nl][lang_en]Action movies from Mainz[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Alles is allang afgebroken en opgeruimd in het Congrescentrum in Mainz maar op ChessVibes nog niet. Jullie hebben namelijk nog videos te goed van de rapidtoernooien. Daarvan heb ik enkele tijdnoodfases van zeer bekende grootmeesters vastgelegd, zodat het lijkt alsof je zelf vlak naast het bord staat van heren als Grischuk, Karjakin of Mamedyarov. De gemene deler in deze actiefilms: eindspeltechniek. Wat steeds terugkeert in de partijen is dat de grote jongens de iets minder grote jongens overwegend wegschuiven in nauwkeurig uitgespeelde eindspelletjes. Leerzaam![/lang_nl][lang_en]Everything has been cleaned up already in the Congres Center in Mainz but not yet here at ChessVibes. There are still some videos left from the rapid tournaments. I have shot some timescrambles of well-known grandmasters, and so it looks like you're standing next to the boards of gentlemen such as Grischuk, Karjakin or Mamedyarov. Similar in all these action movies: endgame technique. The big guys usually seem to beat the slightly smaller guys with accurately played little endgames. Instructive![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Dit is Grischuk-Czebe, FiNex Open (04) 2007. Of: hoe win je een lastig lopereindspel.

In deze partij, Sargissian-Volokitin, gebeurt iets geks: op een bepaald moment gaat de klok in staking. Sargissian loopt weg terwijl Volokitin in volle concentratie blijft.

Hier een aardig eindspelletje van Pavel Tregubov, die Mamedyarov verslaat op ?ɬ©?ɬ©n tempo.

En hier Karjakin die het met een kwal meer netjes afmaakt tegen Sargissian.

[/lang_nl][lang_en]This is Grischuk-Czebe, FiNex Open (04) 2007. Or: how do you win a not so easy bishop ending.

In this game, Sargissian-Volokitin, something strange happens: at some point the clock goes on strike. Sargissian walks away while Volokitin keeps on concentrating.

Here a nice ending by Pavel Tregubov, beating Mamedyarov on just one tempo.

Here's Karjakin with an exchange up against Sargissian and finishing it nicely.

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The videos are an excellent way for chess aficionados to get a feel for the intensity of chess struggles and the pressures experienced by the players. In addition, they provide us with an opportunity to get close-up views of the protagonists' emotions as captured by their gestures and expressions. It is nice to see how gentlemen like GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, GM Viswanathan Anand and others behave magnanimously in both victory and defeat. They thus represent great role models for young chess players who need to learn how to balance the artistic and competitive elements of the game. Thanks for all the work and your patience in producing these videos and the insightful textual information you provide, and good luck to Mr. Doggers and all at in the future.

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Thanks Jim for your very nice and inspiring comment. It encourages us to continue with what we've been doing and at the same time try to improve on it.

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You made a great job with these videos.
Thanks a lot!

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Someone please HELP me, I'm trying to figure out the exact design and wood of the chess pieces that they used in Mainz, and also where I can by them. I think these are like the standard pieces that they use in all high level tournaments. I didn't think they would be hard to find, but I have looked at so many pictures and can't seem to identify them. If you know PLEASE! email me at: Put something in the suject box so I will know it is an answer to this question. Thank you.

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Dgt board, Dgt clock, Dgt pieces.

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