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What about another video

[lang_nl]Die filmpjes, die doen het wel goed. En dus gaan we er mee door. Ditmaal beelden van Judit Polgar-Shakhriyar Mamedyarov van gisteren, waarin Judit, ik kan het niet echt anders formuleren, achter het bord en na afloop een lesje krijgt. Oftwel beelden van de partij en van de analyse na afloop.[lang_nl][lang_en]Those videos, they are being appreciated I guess. So we just keep on making them. This time one about yesterday's game Judit Polgar-Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, where, I cannot say it differently, Judit is taught a lesson. In other words: fragments of the game and the the post-mortem.[lang_en]



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Author: Peter Doggers

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Mmm, impressive lesson by Shak. He is going to be a really great player I guess. Also interesting: he is contemplating his moves in the analysis while looking away from the board....
Btw doggy, a translation would be very, very nice.

Martin Glimmerveen's picture

My guess is, the "evil" girl is one of Mamedyarov's sisters

doggy's picture

Correct, it's Zeinab Mamedyarova.

Von Steinmans's picture

Who is that evil looking woman staring in to the video?

Doggone 50% not bad for a boy from the country side

Paul Janse's picture

Very interesting. I did not know that Polgar's Russian is so good. Normally one would expect an Azeri and a Hungarian to communicate in English.

Doggy, are you sure the woman is Zeinab? I remember her from Moscow last year as a rather angelic, sweet little girl.

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Dobar isjecak cak sta vise rekao bih
vrlo dobar ako ne i odlican.Osobno mislim
da kvalitetu narocito popravlja prica Memeradova na ruskom jeziku ali ja nebih rekao
da joj on daje cascic.Ujednom momentu ona ipak
nalazi jednu rupicu u varijanti.
Puno pozdrava Peter.

Bruno Jelic's picture

Nou ja soori,
Niet opgelet boven staande text is op bosnisch gesreven, dat is mijn eerste of tweede
taal mag dat niet?.Maar ik wil zegen dat filmpje
vind ik goed zeer goed als niet uitstekend een
dat kwaliteit naar mijn mening verbetert Memedyarow in zijn analyse op rusich. gowel ben ik niet in
eens met jouw dat hij gaf lesje omdat op en plek
zij vind en gaatje in variant berekening.
Vel groeten Peter

Goran's picture

Nevermind Bruno, I understood ;)

All Polgar sisters can speak couple of languages fluently.

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