Ruslan Ponomariov | September 05, 2011 14:41

Hello from Khanty-Mansiysk!

I have been here for nearly two weeks now. It is cold, and the food is not too good. I love playing in places where the food is tasty, I especially enjoyed my visit to Cuernavaca, Mexico, a few years ago, I'll never forget all the fruits they had. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But I still have to play.

I cannot say that my play so far has been the best, but I will keep on trying.

As a funny anecdote, although it doesn't leave me in a very good place, I can tell you something that happened after the opening ceremony. Some journalist approached me and asked for an interview, and I agreed. When he had just asked the first question, his boss (I guess) came rushing and said, “Stop whatever you're doing, Kirsan Illyumzhinov is playing a game with [guy I've never heard about]!” I said I was answering a question, but he just shoved the journalist away from me. I stood there giggling, puzzled, and wondering about hierarchy in chess media interest.

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Ruslan Olegovich Ponomariov is a Ukrainian chess player and former FIDE World Champion.


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If you would have waited for a couple of minutes, the journalist would have come back to speak with you (i.e after Kirsan Illyumzhinov's get mated in 3 moves). ;)

Good luck!

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Love your Blog Ruslan! Please continue.

chandler's picture

looking forward to more from one of the most sincere, loveable players around...

Johnny's picture

Agreed. Ruslan you are pure class and you have many fans all over the world. Hope you keep writing.

Sincerely, Johnny in California

Mark DS's picture

Haha, nice sense of humor Ruslan. I know who was the guy playing with Ilyumzhinov, since they appeared together on every tv channel: it must have been Muammar Gadhafi!

As a sidenote, Cuernavaca is one of my favorite places too, and I love (central and southern) Mexican cuisine. Have you tried chile relleno (hot chilli filled with meat or cheese), tacos filled with flor de calabaza (pumpkin flower), hongos (mushrooms) or huitlacoche (corn fungus) ?

Greetings from Antwerp (Belgium)

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I think Ruslan is referring to a game played there in Khanty Mansiysk by Ilyumzhinov on the day of the opening ceremony, so I don't think it could have been Gaddafi, unless he's hiding there now! haha

Mark DS's picture

It wasn't meant seriously, ChessGirl :-)

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Perhaps Gaddafi is moving into one of those lovely flat in Chess City.

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