Ruslan Ponomariov | September 21, 2011 8:45

Bye-bye Khanty

Dear readers,
Now that this World Cup has come to an end, I wish I could satisfy your curiosity with interesting stories and analyses. However, the truth is that I am quite fed up with this competition that has lasted a whole month and has not ended for me as well as I had hoped. I am very tired and a little bit sick, I think all this time working almost without a break has weakened my defenses.
In a few hours I have my flight to Moscow, from where I will fly to Ljubljana in just a few days to play in the European Club Cup with my Russian team Tomsk-400. And so, it is now time to forget the disappointing events of the last few days and look ahead into the future. 
Please wish me luck :)
Ruslan Ponomariov
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Ruslan Olegovich Ponomariov is a Ukrainian chess player and former FIDE World Champion.


Anonymous's picture

thanks for taking the time to write this... just saying you're fed up is nice to know.

very very sorry about your failure; couldn't help remembering how you'd said "it would be a pity to finish fourth".

take rest (after the ECC maybe), and recoup.

Brecht's picture

i think achieving fourh place isn't soo bad.....compared to Morozich, or Kamsky or Karjakin's exits...

Septimus's picture

Good luck and try to get some rest and exercise when you can! Hope you feel better.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for sharing. You are a great player, watching your games is a pleasure, and I wish you good luck for the forthcoming events!

Mark DS's picture

Yes, thank you Ruslan. I especially enjoyed and learnt from your endgame victory over Vugar Gashimov. Good luck to you.

Szoker's picture

Much Luck Pono !!! :)

Victor Romero's picture

Dear Pono, I wish to congratulate for your participation in the World Cup, is a pleasure see your games and your solid play, I know you feel disappointed, but you will have more chances in the soon future, so... cher up!!! d:-)

And best wishes in the European Club Cup, I always enjoy your chess and study carefully your games and mi strength increase, I always learn something valuable from you...

Best Regards...

Nima's picture

Take care Ruslan and thanks for the great games.

Thomas's picture

@Brecht (apparently the reply to function is gone?): I guess fourth place, narrowly missing qualification for the candidates event, FEELS worse than elimination at an earlier stage - when at least he would have had some rest before his next event.

It may also have played a role _how_ he lost against Ivanchuk: one offday, nothing wrong with how he played the other three games - but his advantage in games 3 and 4 happened to be insufficient to win and equalize.
Arguably, the match was maybe a bit a mirror image of the one they played back in 2002 (not that I remember the games, but apparently the positions Chucky had back then could have 'justified' a different final match score).

Anyway, also from my side good luck to Pono - maybe the most underestimated and under-appreciated world top player who has few fans. It doesn't show in comments in this particular thread, but - as far as I remember - it did show at earlier occasions.

Patrick's picture


You have a lot of fans all over the world who will watch your wins with joy, and your losses with sorrow. Best wishes and good luck in your future events! Hope you feel a bit better too.

Patrick in Los Angeles U.S.A.

obinna's picture

GM ponomariov am from nigeria and I study your games five hours a are a great player,I wish you success in the future

S3's picture

Good luck to one of my favorite players. You will get the title (again)someday, don't worry!

harami's picture

Good luck GM Ponomariov.

You are a good man.

christos's picture

Good luck,

Perhaps increasing your physical training will help you deal with all these problems in future events.

late's picture

Dear Ruslan!

4th place is a fine achievement though it feels bitter...
But you will win many tournaments and have great future before you!
Best wishes from Finland!

Zombre's picture

I wish you all the best Ruslan. You're the best in these knockout events, if we coun all of them.

o anão gigante's picture

My advice: start with gym, get more weight, it will help more than you can imagine.

adam's picture

I was rooting for you, Ruslan Olegovych, and no matter the candidates has swum away this time, I wish you all the best for the future! Many of us would like to see you cemented in the top 10 and listen more to your modest, amusing interviews!

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