Ruslan Ponomariov | September 04, 2011 16:12

Hello and welcome!

Dear readers,

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Before ChessVibes offered me a space here, I had some previous experience on the internet. First, someone made a facebook group of me (, where I sometimes leave comments. I've also had a twitter account for about a year now (@Ponomariov), where I post both in Russian and in English, depending on the topic.

However, I think that this blog is a great idea, because it will have a more specific audience. The readers of this blog, I expect, will be people deeply interested in chess and everything surrounding it, and I hope I can provide you with interesting information “from the inside” as a professional player.

This could be a space for sharing ideas and opinions among chess lovers, and I will be glad to answer your comments and questions.

Of course, sometimes I don't have time to sit the internet, and anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook knows that my updates are not the most frequent, so please, forgive me if I don't post too often or if it takes a while to answer your messages. I promise to do my best and I hope you will find my blog interesting!


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Ruslan Olegovich Ponomariov is a Ukrainian chess player and former FIDE World Champion.


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Hi Sir!! all the very best in Khanty!! :)

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Please keep tohrwing these posts up they help tons.

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