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Game of the Month – February 2012


While Sue’s been busy writing on our road trip I haven’t forgotten about my Game of the Month (actually I had but Sue emailed me to remind me!). I decided to choose one of my own games. Overall the tournament was a bit of a disaster from a rating point of view, losing to Chris Wallis, an Aussie FM already put me in a big rating hole. I can’t have many complaints about the game though –  my only serious mistake was declining to go into a drawn endgame instead choosing an unclear option, after which Chris played perfectly. The long time control certainly seemed to suit him. I also finished the tournament with a loss to the tournament victor Darryl Johansen. The Australian GM has had a good patch recently, also winning the Australian Championships. Again I got too ambitious, I miscalculated something when sacrificing a piece and should have simply repeated position for the draw (an option I had twice). Again after declining the draw my opponent played very well and didn’t give me any more chances.

However the tournament wasn’t all bad. From a social point of view it was great to meet up with our Kiwi friends and spending time in New Zealand again was very pleasant. I also played a couple of nice games – the one below won the Best Game prize, sponsored by Grant Kerr.

PGN string

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Tony's picture

The late IM Ortvin Sarapu won about twice as many NZ titles as Ker!

ccc's picture

there is a way to prevent mate,but white then looses queen (and game)

adam's picture

no way!!! if Qf5 then Kd2 finishes off

adam's picture

should have been Nd2 off course

ccc's picture

36.Qf2 temporarily prevents

a)f5 mate
b)Nc5 mate
c)Nd2 mate


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