Gawain Jones | April 03, 2012 18:24

Game of the Month April 2012

Apologies for missing out March’s GOTM but I’m been really busy! Updates on the Reykjavik Open and European Individual Championships will be written when I get time, but for now here’s the GOTM. After winning my first four rounds I started being paired up with the big boys. After draws with White against Nikita Vitiugov (2709), Laurent Fressinet (2693) and Black against Ernesto Inarkiev (2695) I was rewarded a second Black against Fabiano Caruana, who was running at number six in the world. We had actually played in Reykjavik Open – that time a draw when I had White.

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Author: Gawain Jones

Gawain Jones is an English chess player and grandmaster.


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I appreciate when the annotator points out what is his analysis made of -how much of his own brain has been used and what's the engine share. Every time the former dominates, it makes for entertaining study. Alas,nowadays you get it less and less often.
Gawain's analysis is full of human insights, he talks to the reader and carefully points out machine intervention. That makes his Caruana battle a reader-welcome and wortwhile experience.

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I couldn't agree more!

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very good game

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while i was following the game online, i saw someone suggesting 18. ... Nd5 (19. Nxd7 Qxd7 20. exd5 Bh6 eventually winning back the pinned bishop while getting a better position) which turns out to be correct and better for black. it would've turned a good game into a great game.
anyway, interesting annotations.

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Well done for signing Gawain up for a blog. He's a really interesting player (he beat me once in an open!). He likes playing Texas hold 'em in his spare moments, and he also uses Italian notation (he lived in Italy for a while as a teenager).

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