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Anand-Gelfand: press conference & opening ceremony (VIDEO)

Anand-Gelfand: press conference & opening ceremony (VIDEO)

On Thursday, May 10th the World Championship match between reigning champion Vishy Anand and challenger Boris Gelfand was officially opened. At 18.30 a press conference took place in the press room, with Boris Gelfand, Vishy Anand, Mrs. Irina Lebedeva (Director of the Tretyakov Gallery), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (FIDE President), Arkadij Dvorkovich (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Chess Federation) and Andrey Filatov (sponsor).

At 20.00 the opening ceremony started in the Vrubel hall of the Tretyakov Gallery. In the presence of many officials and other VIPs such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Anatoly Karpov and Yuri Averbakh, there were speeches, the drawing of lots and a piano / violin concert. The drawing of lots resulted in Vishy Anand having the white pieces in game 1 tomorrow.

Here is our first video from Moscow which reports on Thursday's events.

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bhabatosh's picture

nice presentation , hope you have more videos !

Harish Sinivasan's picture

Great video summary having all the highlights.

Mauricio Valdes's picture

I´d like to see Chess-Boxing as tiebreaks one day!

Anonymous's picture

Who are the seconds?

chesster's picture

Yesterday I followed the live blog here where they listed as seconds: Anand keeps Kasimdzhanov, Nielsen, Wojtaszek, Ganguly.

Gelfand goes with the usual suspects as well – Huzman, Rodshtein, Eljanov

But they also said there are secret seconds. So any idea who else?

Anonymous's picture

They should be playing on a $1000 luxury set, not a $45 set!

Mike's picture

This is an $1000 Set =)

Aleksander Nesterovsky's picture

If you listen good what Boris said about his seconds. "He said: I will say only in my team Elyanov Rodshtein, Huzman" He has 2 more secret seconds. I know only one of them but do not will post :)

Fireblade's picture

Yeah we know that too and he is Aronian ;)
Your move :)

noyb's picture

Here's to good chess! Good luck to the players.

abstractlogic's picture

"Maybe only Morozevich can" That made me smile :)

ragu's picture

transcription of the post match press conference would be nice.

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