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Fabiano Caruana leads 20th Sigeman & Co tournament after three rounds

Fabiano Caruana leads 20th Sigeman & Co tournament after three rounds

Fabiano Caruana started with 2.5/3 at the Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö, Sweden. The Italian grandmaster is in sole first place after beating Anish Giri and Hans TIkkanen with the white pieces and then drawing against Peter Leko with Black. The tournament will last four more rounds and today is a rest day.

Fabiano Caruana, in the lead in Malmö | Photos © Fanny Roos & Calle Erlandsson

Event Sigeman & CoPGN via TWIC
Dates May 9th-16th, 2012
Location Malmö, Sweden
System 8-player round robin

Fabiano Caruana, Peter Leko, Li Chao, Anish Giri, Emanuel Berg, Hans Tikkanen, Jonny Hector and Nils Grandelius

Rate of play 120 minutes for 40 moves, then 60 mintutes for 20 moves and then 30 minutes to finish the game

Three rounds have been played at this year's Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö, Sweden. The tournament celebrates its 20-year jubilee edition. It's an 8-player, single round roubin (so 7 rounds) and thanks to additional sponsorship the line-up is stronger than ever before:

  1. GM Fabiano Caruana (ITA, 2770)
  2. GM Peter Leko (HUN, 2723)
  3. GM Li Chao (CHI, 2703)
  4. GM Anish Giri (NED, 2693)
  5. GM Emanuel Berg (SWE, 2587)
  6. GM Hans Tikkanen (SWE, 2566)
  7. GM Jonny Hector (SWE, 2560)
  8. GM Nils Grandelius (SWE, 2556)

The tournament started with a clash between top players on the FIDE Juniors rating list. The #1 beat the #2:

PGN string

Jonny Hector beat Hans Tikkanen with a nice (and relatively simple) attack.

PGN string

The draw between Peter Leko and Nils Grandelius, which started as a Sicilian Dragon, was very interesting as well:

PGN string

Emanuel Berg was always slightly better against Li Chao, but this game also ended in a draw eventually.

In the second round Fabiano Caruana won his second white game, against Tikkanen. Where he had started with 1.e4 against Giri, this time the young Italian opened with 1.d4. At an early stage, Tikkanen had his queen's bishop trapped.

PGN string

Grandelius beat Berg, whose knights just couldn't find good squares after the opening.

PGN string

The next day, Berg bounced back with a good win over his compatriot Hector.

PGN string

Like Berg, Giri is back on 50% thanks to a win against Tikkanen. The Swedish GM started with three losses...

PGN string

Saturday is the first and only rest day in Malmö. 


At the opening ceremony we see Johan Sigeman shaking hands with Ulf Andersson and on the right there's Anish Giri

Some of the guests in Malmö are representatives of the Tata Steel tournament

A glamourous dinner at the start of the 20th jubilee event

GM Nils Grandelius at the buffet

Swedish GM Emanuel Berg, with an ever-attractive playing style

Fabiano Caruana, one of the most active super GMs around

Li Chao from China, not the only player with this name, but the strongest!

Anish Giri returned to Malmö for the second time

Nils Grandelius at the start of his win against Berg

Jonny Hector, a regular guest in this tournament!

Former World Championship finalist Peter Leko - after this tournament he'll travel to Moscow and do commentary

Hans Tikkanen started badly in Malmö

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Andre From Outkast's picture

As awesome as the Leko-Grandelius game is, I'm assuming you meant to post the Caruana-Tikkanen game in place of the second Leko-Grandelius game.

Peter Doggers's picture

Indeed! Did so, merci.

Vaidotas's picture

Giri has no style at all with Adidas sportswear. He definitely don't respect organizers. Besides he broke ECU rules of dress code

Anonymous's picture

Perhaps Adidas is sponsoring him? If so he wouldn't be the first sportsman to break the rules for a sponsor.

columbo's picture

Adidas or not, this " jacket " doesn't fit in the landscape ... Horrible choice of colors ! Strange coming from Giri, he has great style in general ...

Anonymous's picture

Screw the corrupt ECU and their stupid rules

Arne Moll's picture

Come on, give the kid a break. I don't know what's less respectful: wearing a fashionable shirt or an oversized department store suit with unmatching tie like most chess players in the circuit.

columbo's picture

Arne ! I suspect you have the same adidas " jacket " in your closet :)

Bardamu's picture

If i remember correctly, last year wasn't Giri's first participation. He even won it once i recall.

Peter Doggers's picture

True! Corrected.

MH's picture

I think that's why these guys love to play this tournament. The organization is relaxed and makes sure the participants can enjoy it.It's about them, not about what others think of their clothing.

By the way, Giri uses to dress himself very well, so he is not a typical smelly chess player with an army of flies around him.

PeterV's picture

Nothing wrong with Giri's outfit. Maybe a bit unusual.

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